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SAIC and Xiamen signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement



On the afternoon of April 22, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and the Xiamen Municipal People's Government was held in the Conference Hall No. 1, West Building of the Xiamen Municipal Government.


Witnessed by Zhao Long, member of the Standing Committee of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Xiamen Municipal Committee, Huang Wenhui, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Secretary-General of the Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, Li Huiyue, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Propaganda Department.


Xu Xu, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and Liao Changyong, Dean of Xiamen Zhang Zhihong, the city’s deputy mayor, and Hou Liyu, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of Shanghai Music, signed the contract on behalf of both parties.




According to the agreement, in the future, the two parties will be guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, give full play to their educational and musical cultural resources, and jointly build the Shangyin Gu Langyu Music Research Center, and cooperate to host large-scale events such as the Shangyin Xiamen International Music Festival.


Establish a student source and teaching base of Shanghai Music (Xiamen), establish a social practice and professional internship base of Shanghai Music Xiamen, and carry out multi-channel, multi-level and multi-form cooperation.


The Xiamen Municipal Government supports the construction of world-class academic universities of Shanghai Music and jointly promotes Xiamen The development of music education has further improved the development level of Xiamen's music, culture, and art.


At the scene, Zhang Yan, associate professor of accordion in the Department of Modern Instrumental Music and Percussion, and students from the Department of Vocal and Opera performed performances of "Follow the Party forever", "Sing a Folk Song for the Party" and "Guerilla Songs".




After the signing ceremony, the teachers and students of Shangyin came to the Tuqiang Community of Shentian Community where General Secretary Xi Jinping lived during his work in Xiamen.


They studied and visited the exhibition hall of "Fengtian Tuqiang"(the Museum of Literature and History) and the Political Life Museum, and watched the short film" "Near Neighbors", a close experience of General Secretary Xi Jinping's low-key, humble, outstanding character and people-centered responsibility, deeply educated.




In the morning, the "Gulangyu Music Research Center of Shanghai Conservatory of Music" was inaugurated. Li Huiyue and Zhang Zhihong, Deputy Secretary-General of Xiamen Municipal Government Wang Tingling.


Former Chairman of the Xiamen Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Honorary Principal of Xiamen Music School Cai Wanghuai, Director of Xiamen Municipal Education Bureau Guo Xianwen, Director of Gulangyu Management Committee Lin Yuefeng, Principal of Xiamen Music School Tan Xiaoying and Shangyin teachers and students The party attended the unveiling ceremony.


The Shangyin teachers and students also came to the Gulangyu campus of Xiamen Music School to learn and exchange. The teachers and students of Xiamen Music School brought performances of "I Love Gulangyu" and "Don't Forget the Original Heart".


The students of Shanghai Music also sang "Sing a Folk Song for the Party". Under the leadership of Liao Changyong, the teachers and students of the two schools sang "The Wave of Gulangyu" together, and the atmosphere was warm and moving.


It is worth mentioning that the live performance of "I Love Gulangyu" is an orchestral version of the piano concerto composed by Zhong Limin and Xu Zhenmin, which was commissioned by Xiamen Music School alumni and famous conductor Bian Zeshan.


Shangyin has a deep relationship with Xiamen. The old dean of Shangyin, Mr. He Lvting, was the honorary principal of Xiamen Music School. Professor Zheng Shisheng of Shangyin served as the first principal of Xiamen Music School and held the principal for 12 years. Xiamen has sent a large number of high-quality students to Shangyin.




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