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Graphic Exhibition of Taiwan Students' Anti-colonial Struggle

Release date: 2020-12-14 




On the morning of December 10th, our school organized Taiwanese students to visit the patriotism thematic exhibition-"The Song of Youth Across the Strait", a graphic exhibition of Taiwan students' anti-colonial struggle hosted by the Shanghai Taiwan Compatriots Association.


The "Song of Youth Across the Strait" Taiwanese students' anti-colonial struggle graphic exhibition is divided into two chapters: "Cultural Anti-Japanese Groups" and "Taiwan Youth in the War of Resistance".


Showing the indomitable resistance of Taiwan's progressive youth during the Japanese occupation. Under Japanese colonial rule, they rushed to the motherland to participate in the national war of resistance and unswervingly promoted the struggle for national independence, social progress.


And national reunification. In the grand historical picture scroll, the heroes of Taiwan compatriots who have joined the torrent of the national war of resistance are reproduced.


The Taiwanese students sighed with emotion. Through this exhibition, they filled up the gaps in their historical knowledge and deeply understood the efforts of the revolutionary pioneers on both sides of the Taiwan Strait during the Anti-Japanese Period, as well as the great spirit of the Chinese nation to strive for self-improvement and unity.


They expressed that they will study harder, work diligently, and make progress in the future, and contribute their own strength to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


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