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SUIBE holds a 2021 graduation ceremony for graduate students



On April 9, SUIBE's 2021graduation ceremony for graduate students was held. It was attended by SUIBE leaders, representatives of graduate student tutors, leaders of colleges and related departments, as well as more than 800 master's graduates.


SUIBE holds 2021 graduation ceremony for graduate students


At the ceremony, SUIBE president WangRongming delivered a speech entitled Embracing the Great Era and Opening an Extraordinary Life. On behalf of the university, he first extended his warm congratulations to all the graduates for the successful completion of their studies and fully affirmed their fruitful achievements in social practice, scientific research, academic competitions, employment, and further studies. Mr.WangRongming said that graduates should be dream chasers that love their families and the nation, seekers after perfection, lifelong learners who never stop absorbing knowledge, and cooperator creating values and in pursuit of win-win results. He encouraged the graduates at the end of his speech, noting the trend of the times, only the innovators advance, and only those who advance can be strong. He hoped that the graduates, wherever they are, could always bear their missions in mind and act responsibly, to make fresh contributions to the reform and opening up and the foreign trade and economics in the new era.


graduation ceremony


Then, the school leaders announced the name list of the students to receive master's degree this year, a decision on commending this year's outstanding graduates of master's degree programs of Shanghai and SUIBE, and a decision on commending excellent postgraduate theses of the year.


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