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Wang Rongming investigates the School of Financial Management



On the morning of April 19th, Wang Rongming, deputy secretary of the school's party committee and principal, investigated the School of Financial Management, and members of the school's leadership team and teacher representatives participated in the research symposium.




At the meeting, Zhang Tiezhu, Dean of the School of Financial Management, reported on the overall situation of the school with the theme of "New Journey, New Future", focusing on the construction of the teaching staff, the development of disciplines, the introduction of high-level people, the internal governance system, and the establishment of scientific research platforms. , Posing issues, and raising prospects; Wei Shu, the secretary of the college's party committee, reported on the college's party history learning and education, focusing on the "red finance in party history" that combined the characteristics of the college and actively innovated and practiced. "Hundreds of people see a hundred years in a hundred days" and "I Doing practical things for the masses to promote the precise connection of graduate employment", "Red Tree Team" Party History Figure Online Public Welfare Preaching, "The 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party Flag-raising Ceremony" and other special activities; other members of the college and teacher representatives made supplementary speeches.


Wang Rongming listened carefully to relevant work reports, fully affirmed the good development of the college and the innovative measures to promote party history learning and education, and responded to relevant key issues one by one, and gave specific guidance. He pointed out that the development of the School of Financial Management has a good foundation and sufficient potential. It is necessary to pay close attention to the most critical factor of "people", and to enhance the academic, social, and international "three influences" as a starting point to promote the school's "14th Five-Year Plan". "A good start, a good start. The first is to promote academic influence, aiming at the forefront of the world's academics, and thinking and planning the strategic deployment of the country and Shanghai; the second is to promote social influence to a new level, focusing on the fundamental task of Lide, combining industry trends and technological trends, Do a good job in the reform of the talent training model in the digital economy era, start at a high level, and systematically plan; third, promote the steady increase of international influence, further polish the brand of Sino-foreign cooperative education, promote high-level, high-quality education international exchanges and cooperation, and enrich international education Connotation. He emphasized that celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party and carrying out party history learning and education are major events in political life this year. They are the central task of the school. They must interact closely with other central tasks in the school and complement each other. The sectors are linked to form a joint force to create a strong atmosphere for celebrating the centenary and co-creating historical achievements and guide teachers, students, and staff to improve their ability to use the party's innovative theories to guide practice and promote work. He hopes that the college will lay a solid foundation, strengthen its characteristics, seize opportunities and develop with the spirit of "comparing and surpassing learning", to accumulate strong momentum for the "14th Five-Year Plan", continue to create new work situations, and promote the high-quality development of the school. Make new and greater contributions.


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