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Undergraduate Programs Admission


Enrollment plan and instructions



Language of instruction

Plan quota

International Cultural Exchange Academy

Chinese International Education (Business Chinese)



International Economics and Trade Academy

International economy and trading



International economy and trading (cross-border e-commerce direction)



Law Academy

International law



Commercial Code



International Politics



Administrative management



Statistics and Information

Application statistics



Economic statistics



Data Science and Big Data Technology



Exhibition and Tourism Academy

Tourism management




Application conditions

① The applicant must be a non-Chinese citizen with a valid foreign passport, who is not more than 25 years old and is physically and mentally healthy and has a Chinese high school degree or above;


② If the applicant is a resident of mainland China (mainland), Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and has obtained foreign nationality, or both or one of his parents is a Chinese citizen and has settled in a foreign country, and he/she has foreign nationality at birth, he/she shall meet the requirements of jwh [2020] No. 12 documents issued by the Ministry of Education;


③ Excellent academic performance, meet the requirements of the college and professional requirements;


④ Applicants under the age of 18 are required to provide a guardian's guarantee. If the applicant's parents are not in China, they need to entrust foreigners or Chinese living in China as guardians.


Application materials

① Application form for international students of Shanghai University of international business and Economics

Please log in to the online application system( )Fill in the application form online


② High school diploma

A scanned copy of the original, notarized Chinese or English translation is required if it is not in Chinese or English; Fresh graduates should provide the expected graduation certificate when they apply (the expected time to obtain the degree certificate should be earlier than August 31, 2021). When they register, they must hand in their diploma.


③ High school transcript

Must be in Chinese or English, other languages also need to provide notarized Chinese or English translation.


④ Proof of language proficiency

Chinese Teaching: copy of HSK certificate within the validity period (2 years) (please refer to the enrollment catalog for HSK level requirements)

English Teaching: IELTS 6.0, TOEFL 80 or Cambridge English B2 or above


⑤ Self recommendation letter 500-800 words (if you apply for a Chinese teaching project, it must be written in Chinese)


⑥ Copy of passport (including personal information page and all Chinese visa pages)


⑦ Applicants under the age of 18 are required to provide a guardian's guarantee.


Registration procedure

① Online application (open registration time: March 1, 2021)

Log in to the online application system of international students of the International Cultural Exchange College of Shanghai University of foreign trade and trade , please register and fill in the application.

*If you apply for a scholarship project, please fill in the application information on the relevant scholarship application website.


② Interview

Please attend the interview on time after receiving the interview notice. The specific interview time shall be subject to the email notice. Please ensure the correctness of the email address.


③ Online tracking application status

Please pay attention to the progress and status of the email inquiry application.


④ Admission and admission

The results of admission can be inquired through the official website system of the College of international cultural exchange, Shanghai University of foreign trade and trade. The students who are admitted must come to school to register and report to the school strictly in accordance with the time specified in the letter of acceptance, and the original certificate of graduation will be verified at the time of registration. If the corresponding certificate is not obtained, the admission qualification will be canceled.


Contact information

Address: Room 238, Info Building, the SUIBE, 1900, Wenxiang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China

Contact: Teacher Yang, Teacher Wang

phone: +862167701643;+862152067325




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