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Doctoral Programs Application Guide


Founded in 1954, Shanghai Normal University (SHNU) is a key local university with salient features of teacher training and high reputation in liberal arts. SHNU offers a comprehensive set of programs in humanities, sciences, engineering, and arts. There are over 40 doctoral programs covering disciplines including philosophy, pedagogy, literature, history, science, engineering, and management.


Majors for Doctoral Programs

Please refer to SHNU Doctoral Programs. (Click here)


Schooling & Duration

Three years (can be extended for three years)


Teaching Language




1) Aged 22 years or above, in good health conditions

2) Non-Chinese citizen

3) Master degree holder

4) Chinese language requirements: Valid HSK test report should be submitted.

New HSK 6 ≥180 (no less than 60 in each module)

Applicants who hold the following certifications are not required of HSK test reports:

a. Graduate from Chinese universities and get bachelor or master degrees for Chinese taught programs

b. CSC pre-college certificate obtained


Application Procedures & Documents

Complete the online application at, upload all the necessary documents and pay the application fee online.

Checklist for application documents (Please prepare the PDF of the following documents beforehand.):

1) Scanned copy of the passport (main page of the passport, in JPG, PNG or PDF format)

2) Applicants who are currently living in China should also submit the scanned copy of the valid visa or resident permit

3) Recent photo (passport size, in JPG or PNG format)

4) Scanned copy of complete academic transcripts of undergraduate studies

5) Scanned copy of the graduation certificate of undergraduate studies

6) Scanned copy of complete academic transcripts of postgraduate studies

7) Title, abstract and contents of the master degree thesis

8) Scanned copy of the graduation certificate of postgraduate studies (Applicants who are about to graduate should provide a certificate of impending graduation with the estimated graduation time on it from their current academic institution. In this case, the actural diploma should be submitted before August 31, 2021.)

9) Language proficiency certifications (e.g. HSK test reports, etc.)

10) Two recommendation letters from experts or professors of relevant subject areas.

11) Personal statement (study and research plan, awards, personal specialties, thesis published, research findings, ect., no less than 1000 words, written in Chinese or English)

12) Medical examination form issued by hospitals.

13) Non-Criminal Record Certificate issued by the police or former school.

14) Bank statement of no less than USD5000 or equivalence of the applicants or their parents

15) Application fee of RMB 520 (or USD 80) paid online or transferred to the university account.



1) Please be noted that whether admitted or not, the application fee will not be returned.

2) If any document is not written in Chinese or English, it should be translated and notarized.

3) Application with incomplete documents is regarded as invalid.

4) Entrance examination (online interview or test) might be arranged according to the requirement of different colleges or majors. Further information will be sent by email. Please check your email frequently.


Application Deadline

June 30th, 2021

Please complete the online application by the deadline. There is no need to post the hard copies. But the students admitted should bring the original documents when coming to China and submit them during the registration.


Application Procedures

1) Applicants applying for the major without entrance tests will be admitted based on the evaluation of the application materials.

2) Applicants applying for the major with entrance test will be arranged to take interviews and/or written tests and admitted based on the overall performances.


Visa Application & Registration

1) The International Students Office will issue the JW202 Form, Admission Letter and Registration Notice to all student admitted. The students need to apply for the student visa (X visa) with all documents required to the Chinese Embassy to their home country.

2) Students should report to the university for registration and pay all fees as required with the JW 202 Form and Admission Letter on the date as set in the Registration Notice. If the students cannot register on time for any specific reason, they should contact the relevant colleges and postpone after approval. For those who cannot come to China because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they should inform the International Students Office in time and finish the online registration as arranged by the university.




Tuition (per year)

Application fee

Insurance (per year)

Programs offered by the International   College for Chinese Studies

CNY 28000

CNY 520

CNY 800


CNY 26500

CNY 520

CNY 800



Please reserve for on-campus accommodation when applying online.


Room Type


Preferential Price for International Students   (staying for at least one semester)


Double room

private bathroom, air-conditioner,   internet, refrigerator, telephone, TV, writing desk, wardrobe, etc.

CNY 60-80 per person per day

Single room

CNY 110-160 per person per day


Double room

private bathroom, air-conditioner,   internet, refrigerator, writing desk, wardrobe, etc.

CNY 5000 per person

per semester



According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education of China, students who study for more than six months should purchase Group Comprehensive Insurance. Insurances purchased individually will not be accepted. Students who have not purchased Group Comprehensive Insurance by the registration date cannot be registered. Name of the insurance: Comprehensive Medical Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in China of Ping An Annuity Insurance Co., Ltd. Cost: CNY 800 per year. Find more details about the insurance in the website:


Contact Information

International Students Office, Shanghai Normal University

Address: Room 307, Guest House (North Wing), International Affairs Office, 100 Guilin Road, Shanghai

Postal Code: 200234

Tel: 0086-21-64323905

Email: (Ms. Karen CAI)


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