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China Graduate Mathematical Contest


From April 23 to 25, the "Huawei Cup" 17th China Graduate Mathematical Modeling Contest Awarding Conference was held in East China University of Science and Technology. Graduate students of our school won 1 first prize, 25-second prizes, and 48 third prizes in the competition. The total score ranked 14th in the country. The school also won the "Excellent Organization Award". This competition attracted a total of 17,219 teams from 496 postgraduate training units. This award is based on the first round of online reviews by experts, and the outstanding works will be reviewed again on site, and the first, second, and third prizes are finally selected.




Starting from May 2020, under the coordination and guidance of the Graduate School/Research and Engineering Department, the school's graduate training units have been actively mobilized. A total of 164 teams and 492 graduate students in our school have participated in the competition. Wang Chenchen, Li Tingting, and Wang Jie, graduate students majoring in computational mathematics from the School of Mathematics and Physics, teamed up to win the first prize. The Graduate School/Department of Research and Engineering, and the School of Mathematics and Physics overcome the adverse impact of the epidemic on the organization of the mathematical model competition, and jointly undertake the publicity and organization of our school’s students participating in the competition, conduct online expert lectures, online guidance by professional teachers, and first prize winners Online experience sharing and other activities lay a solid foundation for the ultimate achievement of excellent results. The School of Information Technology and Business School provides support and guarantee for the competition and actively participates in the training of the competition to ensure the smooth development of the competition.




As the guidance of the Degree Management and Graduate Education Department of the Ministry of Education, the Degree and Graduate Education Development Center of the Ministry of Education, one of the thematic events of the "China Graduate Innovative Practice Series" co-sponsored by the Chinese Society for Degree and Graduate Education and the Youth Science and Technology Center of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, China The Postgraduate Mathematical Modeling Contest has gradually become an important platform for the national postgraduates to carry out scientific research innovation competitions. The level and number of awards have become important indicators to measure the innovative ability and quality of the graduate students of the participating units.


Our postgraduate education always attaches importance to the improvement of the quality of postgraduate training. Taking the first-class postgraduate education lead plan as an opportunity focuses on improving the core links of postgraduate innovation awareness and practical ability, encouraging postgraduates to actively participate in various high-level innovative practice competitions, and enhancing the ability of interdisciplinary collaboration. Strengthen professional exchanges, expand academic horizons, and cultivate high-level talents with both ability and political integrity for the country and society.


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