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Bi-monthly symposium



On the afternoon of April 25, the school held a bi-monthly symposium with the theme of "Participating in government decision-making consultation and serving economic and social development". Lin Zaiyong, secretary of the school party committee, attended and delivered a speech. Representatives from outside the party, leaders of various democratic parties, and united front organizations attended the forum. The meeting was presided over by Liu Xiaomin, deputy secretary of the school party committee.




Lin Zaiyong pointed out that the bi-monthly symposium is an important platform for non-party representatives to participate in politics, discuss politics, and offer advice and suggestions. He thanked the members of the democratic parties and united front groups for taking their own positions and caring about the school and persevering in advising and concentrating on school development. He emphasized that the political position of the united front should be high, focusing on the major goals of Shanghai's "five centers" construction and the construction of high-level universities in the school, and actively take responsibility; research plans should be realistic, strengthen research and research around key topics, and propose decision-making consultations and suggestions. ; The forces of all parties should gather, give full play to the unique advantages of the united front, and be good at leveraging, using precision, and converging forces.


At the meeting, Gong Lei, deputy director of the Social Science Management Office, introduced the school's new think tank construction and decision-making consultation research. Representatives of United Front members spoke enthusiastically and put forward their own ideas and suggestions. Liu Xiaomin responded to the issues of common concern during the exchange.


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