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International Language and Culture Corner



At the end of 2020, the first Shanghai Normal University "International Language and Culture Corner" event, which lasted for 7 weeks, came to an end.


This semester's "International Language and Culture Corner" activities were successfully held 7 times, in the form of online and offline interactive exchanges, with a total of more than 80 students from Shanghai Normal University from more than 20 countries participating. Each session of the activity focuses on different topics to discuss, aiming to improve the target language expression ability of Chinese and foreign students, enhance the friendship between students from various countries and promote international language and cultural exchanges.


The 311 meeting room of the International Exchange Office is the offline "base" for language corner activities. Starting from November this semester, every Saturday afternoon in the activity room you can always see Chinese and foreign students discussing enthusiastically in different languages and interacting with online overseas international students. A scene of students' active interaction. Here, enthusiastic international students express their understanding of Chinese culture in their not-so-proficient Chinese and talk about the cultural differences they have experienced first-hand. And more international students from far abroad also use the form of video conferences to communicate and interact with Chinese and foreign students in the school on the cloud, enthusiastically introduce their own country's culture and show their talents. In the online virtual meeting room of the International Language and Culture Corner, the students not only improved the level of the target language, but also gained friendship across countries, cultures, and distances. The mutual assistance between Chinese students and international students in language and cultural exchanges has benefited a lot from both sides while also practicing the traditional Chinese culture of "teaching each other."




The response to this language corner activity was overwhelming, and the students all expressed their great expectations for the next semester's activities. In the future, the Office of International Students will continue to promote the "International Language and Culture Corner" series of activities, dedicated to enabling students from different countries to enhance their ability to use the target language, improve themselves in a pleasant language learning atmosphere, and enrich campus cultural life.


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