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International students welcomes the New Year



The Year of the Ox is approaching and Vientiane will be renewed. On the afternoon of February 9th, the 2021 international students staying in school to welcome the Chinese New Year party was held in the conference center. Party Secretary Lin Zaiyong, President Zhu Ziqiang, Deputy Secretary Pei Xiaoqian, Vice President Jiang Mingjun, Vice President Chen Heng, as well as responsible comrades from the International Exchange Office and Graduate School Office and other international students gathered together to celebrate the Spring Festival.




On behalf of the school, Zhu Ziqiang sent Chinese New Year blessings to international students, wishing the students good health and academic success in the new year, and urged the students to share the gains and insights of studying and living in China with their relatives in their hometowns. Later, Zhu Ziqiang also splashed ink on the spot with great interest and wrote the red "Fu" to the students on the spot. Jiang Mingjun then presented the students with red envelopes for the New Year's Eve meal coupons, expressing the school's New Year blessings to all international students, and reflecting the beautiful wishes of the Chinese New Year for a prosperous reunion.




The international students at the group visit showed their cultures from different countries and expressed their blessings for the Chinese New Year with a variety of talents. Student Li Yake from Togo first presented a song "The rest of the future", expressing affectionately the feelings of epidemic prevention and fighting in the past year, and the cherished and expectation of future life. He Qida from Burkina Faso sang "FLOBY ROSINE" in the national language of his country, bringing a different cultural experience to everyone. Fijian student Savaka and Nigerian student Qin Lang sang several English golden songs "My Love", "Perfect" and so on, and won rounds of applause. Ecuadorian student Kami used the Chinese classic "I Only Care About You" to show the good life and learning experience at school, and also reflect the achievements of their Chinese school. Later, Venezuelan student Luo Jiasa brought the Spanish song "Despacito", Egyptian student Gao Fei, Yemeni student Tarek and others performed the Arabic song "Bum Bum" together. The hot songs pushed the atmosphere to a climax. At this time, the music of the popular song "Friends" sounded, and the students went to the stage to sing loudly in a lively and warm atmosphere. While the international students sang loudly, they also wrote the word "Fu" in various gestures with a few drops of paper. The red lanterns made by the students themselves added an endless festive atmosphere to the lively scene, which was extremely lively, and presented a wonderful exotic atmosphere to the campus for the Spring Festival.


In order to arrange the Spring Festival for international students, school leaders will visit the student dormitory to present Chinese New Year gift packages. The International Exchange Office organizes more than 10 games including visits to Shanghai, language corner exchanges, Chinese knots, fan painting, reading sharing, basketball, football, etc. Cultural activities. The series of activities to welcome the Chinese New Year has created a beautiful sense of belonging to the school’s international students in the second hometown culture, and added a broader stage for their feelings of "knowing China, friendship and love".


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