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School leaders visit international students



On February 2 morning, Vice President Jiang Mingjun go Xuhui Xuesi Park to visit 35 international students staying in school during the winter break, to send New Year wishes and good luck gifts for the students.


Jiang Ming army with the enthusiasm of the students to interact and communicate, understand their learning and life at school, the school sent greetings to international students staying in school and care. He hopes that international students who stay in the school can make use of the school’s various places and facilities for study and life to study hard, live happily, strengthen physical exercise, maintain physical and mental health so that parents and friends who are far away from home can rest assured. Jiang Mingjun also said the school will be based on improving Xuesi simple kitchen garden and other living facilities, it will help them together to create a rich Chinese festive accommodation, student apartments built public space, organizing various forms of cultural activities, To ensure that international students have a happy Chinese New Year in Shanghai. Subsequently, the Jiang Ming army sends New Year gifts for international students and international students and posed for pictures.


International students are very grateful to the school's care and love, said that although this year away from home, friends, and family can not meet, the school for their learning and living arrangements do nuanced, well-organized, believe they will have a safe and happy, Substantial and meaningful holiday, and spend a warm and peaceful Chinese New Year with Chinese students. The students together send the best New Year wishes to all teachers and students of the school.


To enrich international students staying in school holidays life, the International Office for international students to stay in school carefully arranged a variety of cultural and recreational activities, held in table tennis, basketball, football, and other sports activities, organize paper cutting, Chinese knots, dough figurines, write Cultural experience activities such as Spring Festival couplets, online and offline reading, and check-in and fitness check-in activities. At the same time, it also specially arranges New Year's Eve dinner, watching the Spring Festival Gala, eating Lantern Festival, lantern riddles, dumplings, and other special New Year activities to experience the strong Chinese New Year flavor. Together pray for the New Year, Chunhui the world.


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