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Baoshan Campus

1. International student dormitory

The International Student Dormitory has four buildings. Building V is composed of four conjoined buildings. It was opened in 2000. It has a total of 188 rooms and 228 beds, which can accommodate 228 students at the same time. Building Z consists of two conjoined buildings and was opened in 2007. There are a total of 144 rooms and 268 beds, which can accommodate 268 students at the same time; Building W is composed of two conjoined buildings, opened in 2008, with a total of 84 rooms and 163 beds, all of which were renovated in 2018 and changed to four rooms.


The dormitory for international students adopts apartment management. The dormitory area has a dedicated person responsible for security and service 24 hours a day, hot water is supplied, the rooms are well-equipped, the environment is clean and beautiful, and each building is equipped with elevators, making it very convenient to live in.


There are vending machines, public kitchens, and laundry rooms (with dryers and water dispensers) in the dormitory for the use of international students.


2. Sports and entertainment facilities

Baoshan Campus has 3 turf football fields, 26 basketball courts, 18 volleyball courts, 16 tennis courts, and 1 standard swimming pool and other sports facilities open to students.


3. Various services

(same as the Yanchang campus)


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