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Chinese International Education Discipline Symposium



At 9:00 am on November 11th, the International Education College held a symposium on the Development of Chinese International Education Discipline in the University Hall of Lehulou, Baoshan Campus. The symposium invited Professor Cui Xiliang, the former president of Beijing Language and Culture University, Professor Sun Yixue and Professor Pan Haifeng from Tongji University, Professor Li Wenhao from Shanghai Normal University, and Professor Zhu Jianjun from Shanghai International Studies University. The symposium was hosted by Prof. Yao Ximing, Dean of the School of International Education of Shanghai University. More than 30 teachers from the School of International Education, the School of Letters and the Academy of Fine Arts attended the meeting.


Chinese International Education Discipline Symposium-1


At the symposium, experts focused on Chinese "National Education Discipline Positioning and Future Development Trends", "The Current Situation and Future of the Confucius Institute", "The Positioning and Development of Students Majoring in Chinese International Education", and "International Education Major in the Post-Pandemic Era" The topics of "student and teacher training and resource integration" are discussed one by one. Professor Cui Xiliang pointed out that in the current post-epidemic background, we should pay particular attention to the relationship between the development of undergraduate education and teachers, the relationship between undergraduate education and scientific research, the relationship between discipline construction and undergraduate development, and the support for sustainable development of disciplines and majors. Focus How to develop majors and how to cultivate talents are two major issues to promote the development of the discipline of Chinese international education.


The participating experts also shared with the young teachers on the "Relationship between Intangible Culture and Cultural Communication", "The Relationship Between Language Teaching and Curriculum Ideological and Political", "The Positioning, Coordination and Division of Labor of the Confucius Institute", "Zhao Yuanren's Teaching Thoughts", etc. The views on issues and other issues won rounds of applause.


In this symposium, the discussion was enthusiastic, the content was substantial, the vision was broad, and the thinking was long-term. The experts agreed that the further development of the discipline of Chinese international education and the response to the challenges of the post-epidemic era cannot be achieved without a full understanding of the basic development of Chinese international education, the strengthening of team building, and the integration and sharing of resources. Participating young teachers also benefited a lot, gaining a deeper understanding of the current situation and challenges of the development of the subject of Chinese international education.


After the symposium, Professor Gong Siyi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai University, presided over the inscription activity of Professor Cui Xiliang. Professor Cui Xiliang wrote an inscription for Shanghai University and the School of International Education of Shanghai University, expressing his best wishes to Shanghai University.




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