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On January 7, 2021, the 2020 Shanghai University Overseas Study Course Construction and International Chinese Education Online Teaching Seminar were held at Shanghai International Studies University. The conference was hosted by the International Exchange Office of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and hosted by the Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences and the School of International Cultural Exchange of Shanghai International Studies University. Relevant persons in charge of more than 20 universities in Shanghai and first-line Chinese teachers attended the meeting. Associate Dean Wang Lina of the School of International Education of our school, and Associate Professor Zhu Yanwei, a tutor of Chinese International Education, attended the meeting.


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The meeting was chaired by Ge Jingyi, deputy investigator of the International Exchange Office of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. At the meeting, Deputy Dean Wang Lina made a wonderful speech on the construction of Shanghai University's English curriculum project. Our school's English-taught majors and curriculum construction have achieved initial results. Through the construction of all English-taught majors and courses, has promoted the development of our school's disciplines, opened up the source of students, and innovated the teaching and management mode of international students. Among them, the "China Today" course declared in 2020 adopts the teaching concept of the unity of knowledge and action, and introduces the "necklace model" teaching method of our school's branded course "Great Country Strategy" to explore a new mode of knowledge education for international students. At the same time, he also pointed out the current deficiencies in the project acceptance mechanism and the school evaluation system, hoping to take this opportunity to learn from various universities and improve together. Professor Zhu Yanwei reported on the online teaching of Chinese international education courses at Shanghai University, and summarized that in this year, in response to the new crown epidemic, Chinese teaching was coordinated by all parts of the school to "upgrade technology, upgrade lesson preparation, and upgrade management." International students have achieved remarkable results in online teaching, and students' feedback has been good.


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At the meeting, Du Xiaoli, director of the Institute of Intellectual Development, Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences, made a new round of research reports on the evaluation index system for the construction of a model curriculum for foreign students in Shanghai in China and released a study on the new requirements for the evaluation of foreign students in China, put forward suggestions for improving the curriculum standards and certification procedures for foreign students in Shanghai, focusing on the quality of the courses, increasing the weight of the faculty, establishing a student evaluation system and peer evaluation, and gradually constructing a system and supervision norms for the construction of Chinese foreign students' courses.


In 2021, our school will, in accordance with the spirit of the meeting of the Municipal Education Commission, attach importance to the construction of English-taught courses and majors for studying in China, and in accordance with the indicator system, steadily implement the project declaration and construction work for the new year.


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