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International students work investigation



On May 12th, Ding Jie, Deputy Director of the International Student Affairs Office of Fudan University, Deng Haibing, Chief of Student Section, and Yang Li, Chief of Comprehensive Section, visited our school for exchanges. Yao Ximing, Dean of the School of International Education, Huang Hao, Director of the Service Center, and Pan Meiyu, an international student counselor, attended the exchange event.


Dean Yao Ximing first welcomed the visit of Deputy Director Ding Jie and his delegation, and expressed his gratitude to the Foreign Students Office of Fudan University for their support and help to our school. He pointed out that the work of foreign students at Fudan University is the banner of domestic universities and has a strong exemplary role. Shanghai universities have maintained close cooperation and exchanges in the work of international students, learning from each other and helping each other. Later, Dean Yao gave a detailed introduction to the construction of the international student counselor team of Shanghai University. He said that the international student counselor is an important management team, and the counselor played an important role in the rapid growth of the student scale.


Huang Hao, director of the service center, introduced the international student admissions and management system of Shanghai University. The enrollment and management system is independently developed by our college based on off-campus work. The system involves registration, comprehensive quality testing, teacher-student talks, uploading self-introduction videos, and submitting information to the college. In addition, it also introduced the management content of our college's service center, alumni management, and student clubs. In enrollment and management, the information system has improved efficiency and strengthened the standardization of the management process.


The two parties also exchanged and discussed the details of the national conditions of education of international students. The national conditions education of our college mainly adopts an open model combining online and offline. After three stages of development, a "four in one" knowledge has been gradually formed. Chinese education model. In particular, the "Zhihua Lecture Hall" developed by our school has the advantages of a flexible curriculum, concentrated resources, and high efficiency.


Since this year, 12 domestic fraternal colleges and universities have come to our school for research and exchange. Through exchanges, mutual understanding among domestic universities was enhanced, and some management issues were discussed. It is also a good reference for our college to do a good job in international student work.


International students work investigation


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