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Yanchang campus


1. Transportation

Yanchang campus is located in the northwest of Shanghai, 8 kilometers from the city center. It takes about 15 minutes by taxi from People's Square, 30 yuan.

Public transportation lines

Route 767

At the north gate of the school

Go to the new campus

Route 95

500 meters to the right of the school gate

Go to Shanghai Railway Station and Metro Station

Route 66

500 meters to the left of the school gate

Go to the Bund, Yu Garden

Route 518

100 meters to the right of the school gate

Go to People's Square

Metro Line 1

Yanchang Road Gonghe New Intersection



2. Diet

There are student cafeterias on each campus, which provide all students with delicious and varied meals every day.


3. Shopping

There are supermarkets, convenience stores, vegetable markets, etc. near each campus, making life and shopping convenient.


4. International student dormitory

The dormitory building for international students is also called Xinyuan Building. The dormitory was opened in 2002, with a total of 193 rooms and 198 beds, which can accommodate 198 students at the same time.



5. Sports facilities

There are football courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts and other sports facilities open to students on the campus.


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