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Shanghai Interactive Linguistics Salon


On the evening of December 18, 2019, the eighteenth event of "Shanghai Interactive Linguistics Salon" was held in our hospital. This salon was hosted by Mr. Li Mei from the School of English, Shanghai International Studies University, Professor Zhang Wei from Tongji University, Mr. Liu Yaqiong from Shanghai Maritime University, Mr. Xie Xinyang from our school and the 2019 graduate students of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics participated in the seminar. The event also attracted Teachers and students from Fudan University, Tongji University, Shanghai International Studies University and many other universities and our school participated.


Shanghai Interactive Linguistics Salon-1


Teacher Li Mei pointed out that in the conversation, the participants of the conversation will give a response expressing agreement or agreement when exchanging information. In addition, they will also express the position of rejection, disapproval or non-cooperation. The two parties will use the turn-taking design and sequence organization. Give priority to the detailed characteristics or other methods. This discussion focuses on Chinese non-agreement evaluation corpus, aiming to focus on the social norms displayed by conversation participants when they perform interactive behaviors.


Shanghai Interactive Linguistics Salon-2 

Based on the corpus and opinions of Teacher Li Mei, everyone had a more detailed discussion on the characteristics of language and behavior in the conversation. In the discussion, everyone actively participated and thought, and showed many interesting observations. For example, non-agreement evaluations developed in the context of different interaction modes between the two parties in the conversation will arouse self-degrading subjects' additional views on inadequate responses, etc. It gave people a more profound inspiration and aroused an enthusiastic response from the scene.


Shanghai Interactive Linguistics Salon-3


The successful holding of the eighteenth event of the "Shanghai Interactive Linguistics Salon" has played a powerful role in promoting the active research of interactive linguistics and the realization of better and better development of interactive linguistics in Shanghai.


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