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Shanghai University of Finance and Economics originated from the business department founded by Nanjing Higher Normal School in 1917. Yang Xing, a well-known social activist, and patriotic Democrat served as the director of the business department. In 1921, with the implementation of the plan to build the National Southeast University with Nanjing Normal University as the foundation, the business was expanded and reorganized and moved to Shanghai, and the National Southeast University was established and the Shanghai University of Commerce was established. This is the earliest business university in the history of Chinese education and a well-known educator. Guo Bingwen is the principal, and Ma Yinchu, a well-known economist, is the dean of academic affairs.


The school was established independently in 1932 and named the National Shanghai Business School. At that time, it was the only national undergraduate university in business in China. In 1950, the school was renamed the Shanghai Institute of Finance and Economics. In 1985, the school was renamed Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. In 2000, the school was placed under the leadership of the Ministry of Education by the Ministry of Finance and is now jointly built by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government.


After several generations of hard work and hard work, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics has become a multidisciplinary key university that focuses on economics and management disciplines and has coordinated the development of economics, management, law, liberal arts, and science. The school covers an area of 818 acres and has three campuses. The main campus is located at No. 777 Guiding Road. As of September 2017, the school has 1043 full-time teachers, and there are 20,419 students of various types, including 15,159 full-time students. From the perspective of student classification, there are 8041 undergraduates, 6053 masters, 1166 doctoral students, and 826 foreign students with academic degrees.


Over the centuries, the people of Shanghai have kept in mind the school motto of "Being ethical, knowledgeable, and economical". They worked hard and worked hard to provide tens of thousands of financial management and related professionals for the country's economic and social development. The school is working hard to become an internationally renowned high-level research university with distinctive financial characteristics!



Honesty, erudite, economic time(厚德博学 经济匡时)



Based on excellent research and teaching, strive to become a world-class university with distinctive financial characteristics.



Lide fosters people and cultivates outstanding financial talents with global vision, national spirit, creativity, determination and organization.


Explore the truth and promote the creation and dissemination of knowledge.


To assist the people, participate in public services, and lead the development of society.


Inherit the culture and promote the progress of human civilization.



Facing the society, seeking truth and being pragmatic, cultivating morality and fostering people, and economic world.



Adhere to the modernization strategy. With the construction of a modern university system as the core, we will continuously improve the modernization of educational concepts, educational content, educational methods, educational management and educational facilities.


Adhere to the internationalization strategy. Taking internationalization as the path, continuously improve the level and international influence of talent training, scientific research, social services and cultural inheritance.


Adhere to the information strategy. Use modern information technology as a means to continuously improve the level of information management and information service, and realize knowledge management and knowledge sharing.


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