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Chinese-taught master's degree program


Admissions Major

1. Academic degrees: Finance, Investment Economics, Real Estate Economics, Social Security, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

2. Professional degrees: Master of Finance, Master of International Business (MIB), Master of Applied Statistics, Master of Chinese International Education (MTCSOL)

* Both academic degrees and professional degrees are academic education recognized by the Ministry of Education. For more professional information, please contact the Admissions Department (


Duration of study

Entrance in September 2021, length of study: 2 years.

* Please refer to the admission notice for the specific admission time. For school system information, please refer to the enrollment information of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (


Tuition (RMB)

Academic degree: 34,000 yuan / academic year (17,000 yuan / semester)

Professional degree: 50,000 yuan / academic year (25,000 yuan / semester)

* The above fees do not include the cost of teaching materials.



A bachelor's degree or above, a foreign citizen who is 18 years old or older (including 18 years old), 45 years old (including 45 years old), physically and mentally healthy, and has a Chinese proficiency of 180 points or above at the new HSK level 5.

* Fresh graduates with a bachelor's degree must obtain a nationally recognized undergraduate diploma before enrollment in the year of admission, otherwise the admission qualification will be invalid.


Application time

January 1-March 30, 2021


How to apply

1. Pay the registration fee

Pay the registration fee (830 RMB) by bank transfer.


Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Bank account number (A/C):


Account Bank:

Bank of China Shanghai Wujiaochang Sub-branch


* Please indicate the applicant's name or application number when making bank transfers.

* Once the application fee is submitted, it will not be refunded.


2. Online declaration

Sign in the shanghai(Http://, select "Master's degree" in the "Learning Project" column, fill in the registration information online, and upload scanned copies of the original relevant materials as required.


3. Material review and supplement

Applicants can check the review results in time through the registration system and supplement relevant materials as required.


4. Participate in the entrance examination

After reviewing the materials, according to the applicant's situation and professional requirements, two assessment methods are adopted:

a) Interview;

b) Interview plus written test.

* The interview is generally scheduled in April, and the specific method, time, and location will be directly notified (by phone or E-mail) to applicants who have passed the preliminary review of the application materials.


5. Query admission results

From mid-May 2021, the admission results can be found inShanghai University of Finance and Economics online registration system(Http:// query.

* Telephone inquiries are not accepted for admission results.


6. Students confirm enrollment online

Students must log in to the registration system to confirm enrollment within 2 weeks after the admission result is announced.

* For students who have not confirmed their studies in the registration system, our school will not send admission materials.


7. Send the admission notice

From mid-June 2021, our school will successively issue "Admission Notice" and "Visa Form for Foreign Students Studying in China" (JW202) according to the contact information indicated at the time of registration and the method of receiving or mailing the admission notice. Table) and other admission materials.


Application materials

1. The highest degree (undergraduate degree and above) graduation certificate and degree certificate (new graduates can first provide the pre-graduation certificate issued by the university). If the original is not in Chinese or English, a notarized Chinese/English translation must be submitted at the same time.

2. Transcripts of all courses at the highest degree (undergraduate level and above). If the original is not in Chinese or English, a notarized Chinese/English translation must be submitted at the same time.

3. Language proficiency certificate (HSK certificate and transcript).

4. A copy of my own statement.

The Chinese or English version is required, signed by the applicant, and the content should include personal study, work experience, academic research results, study and research plan, etc., and the number of words should not exceed 1000 words.

5. Two letters of recommendation.

The Chinese or English version is required, indicating the recommender (associate professor or professor)'s work unit, position, and contact information, and signed by the recommender.

6. Voucher for payment of registration fee.

7. Passport (valid from the date of application to January 30, 2022) personal information page.

8. Award certificates and other supporting materials.

* When necessary, our school will require applicants to submit specified supplementary materials.

* Incomplete Application materials will not be accepted.

* The originals of all the above certificates and supporting materials will be reviewed when the journal is opened. If there is any violation, the admission qualification will be cancelled.


Contact us

Address: Room 102, School of International Cultural Exchange, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, No. 369, Zhongshan North 1st Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai

Post Code: 200083

Phone: +86-21-65361944 Fax: +86-21-65361958


WeChat public account: study_at_sufe


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