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The faculty and staff pastry production activity


In order to create a working atmosphere of "happy work and happy life", enhance communication and cooperation between faculty and staff, and enhance team cohesion, the trade union and the women's group jointly held the "Bake" to enjoy the sweetness and "light up" life on the afternoon of December 10th. "—Pastry production activities.


The activity is divided into three parts: explanation of the basic knowledge of pastry making, cake and butter cookie making experience, and creative cream cake DIY. The West Point teacher first introduced in detail the classification of flour, the purchase of baking tools, the recipes and production methods of chiffon cakes and butter cookies, shared personal experience in making pastry and answered the questions of the teachers present.


pastry production activity


Later, the faculty and staff of our college experienced the whole process of cake making, including separation of egg yolk and egg white, egg white whipping, batter mixing, batter filling, and cream whipping. According to the guidance of the West Point teacher, the teachers in our school "carefully" allocate raw materials and "seriously" study mixing techniques.


Chiffon cake making


Butter cookie making


Finally, the faculty and staff of our college give full play to their imagination and creativity to decorate cakes and make their own creative fruit cream cakes. One by one, high-value cakes were born in everyone's skillful hands. Everyone has gained a lot and shared their "masterpieces" with their families. The event ended successfully in laughter and laughter.


In the future, the labor unions and women's groups will continue to carry out a variety of activities to enrich the lives of faculty and staff, and continuously improve their happiness.


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