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Shanghai students win the Case Analysis Competition Champion



On April 24, the finals of the "2021 PwC International Tax Competition" (2021 PwC International Tax Competition) were held simultaneously in Taipei and Shanghai. Teacher Kong Yan from the School of Public Economics and Management of our school led a "Ready Player One" team consisting of four students from 2017 Finance Chen Jiawei, 2017 Finance Liu Yu, 2017 Taxation Gao Jiani, and 2017 Labor and Social Security Zhu Yilin. , And won the final champion-the best team of the year award.


The Zicheng International Taxation Cup Case Analysis Competition was held for the first time in 2015. It is hosted by the Zicheng Education Foundation and Taipei University and co-organized by the China Industry International Taxation Association and the Tax Research Institute of Taipei University. Since 2017, representatives of mainland universities have been invited to participate. The competition aims to popularize taxation knowledge, promote the understanding of taxation-related issues, cultivate students' ability to solve taxation problems and enhance the understanding of current taxation-related issues among college students on both sides of the strait. The 2021 competition is based on the theme of "Group Taxation Strategic Governance Involved in the Transformation of Supply Chain under National Protectionism". After the preliminary rounds, there are three mainland university teams: Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, East China University of Political Science and Law, and Hunan University, as well as Soochow University. Seven Taiwanese university teams including Chengchi University and Taipei University of Commerce entered the finals.




At 9 a.m. on the 24th, the finals kicked off at the same time in Taiwan and PricewaterhouseCoopers in Shanghai. The competition adopts a combination of closed discussion and on-site display. Each participating team enters an independent closed meeting room after drawing the order. After the staff hand out the competition case questions on the spot, a three-hour intensive case discussion will begin, and they are ready to answer the questions. Presentation: In the afternoon, we will enter the on-site presentation and review and answer questions. In the face of intense competition, the students of our school won praise from the judges with their solid tax theory knowledge, smooth tax law knowledge application, and rigorous logical reasoning, and won the championship of the competition-the best team award of the year. This is a student of Shanghai Finance Winning in this event for the 4th consecutive time.




Participating in competitions on international taxation issues has not only improved our school's financial and taxation students' cognition and analysis ability on current research hotspots in the field of international taxation, and fully demonstrated the school’s achievements in training international talents; it also established a cross-strait interest in taxation issues. The platform for students to exchange and learn from each other has strengthened the close cooperation between the academic community and the industry and laid a solid foundation for cultivating outstanding talents in the tax field.


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