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Korean Alumni Association


On March 26th, the Korean Alumni Back-to-School Activity of our school and the launching ceremony of the 4th Korean Alumni Association was held in the multifunctional conference room on the third floor of the International Exchange and Cooperation Center.

Wu Zhixin, Director of the Office of the President of the Party Committee of our school, Lin Xun, Dean of the School of International Education, Cheng Lin, Secretary of the International Exchange and Education Party Branch, Shanghai Chamber of Commerce (Korean Association) Vice President Park Sangmin and Kim Doyeon.

The President of Korea, the constitutional institution of democracy and peace Kim Dong-Hyun, chairman of the Public Diplomacy Department of the Unification Committee, attended the event. In addition, more than 30 Korean alumni witnessed the launching ceremony through a combination of on-site participation and online meetings.

Shin Dongwon, president and alumnus of Suncheon University in South Korea, Yan Taiqin, dean and alumni of Hanil Chinese Medicine Hospital, Lin Renji, president and alumni of our school's Malaysian alumni association, and our school's Thai alumni association preparatory committee and alumni Pan Zaiding sent congratulations on the line.

They said that the alumni association is a bridge for communication between alumni and alumni, alumni and alma mater, and more importantly, it carries the mission and responsibility of being a Chinese medicine practitioner.

They believe that through the cohesion of the alumni association, the global Chinese medicine alumni can The treasures of medicine flourish in their respective countries.

Park Sangmin affirmed the contribution of Koreans who are engaged in medical work to the community of Korean expatriates in Shanghai and hopes that the Korean Chamber of Commerce will grow together with the Korean Alumni Association of our school in the future.

Jin Dongxian first paid tribute to the teachers and doctors of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine for their efforts and efforts in the fight against the epidemic and hoped that the Korean Alumni Association of our school could become a bridge for cultural exchanges between China and South Korea.

Hong Xijing, the president of the 4th Korean Alumni Association of our school, proposed the work plan of the Korean Alumni Association in 2021 from four aspects.

The first is to further cooperate with the Malaysian Alumni Association and the Thai Alumni Organization to host the international academic forum; the second is to liaise and consolidate.

South Korean alumni from all over the world, improve the South Korean alumni directory; third, establish the China-Korea Physician Federation to better carry out exchanges and cooperation in China; fourth, strengthen publicity and pass on the information of the alma mater to South Korean alumni around the world.

In his speech, Lin Xun pointed out that alumni are a valuable resource of his alma mater. Seeing Korean alumni return to their alma mater and embrace the original counselors, is a manifestation of the alma mater’s sentiment and school friendship.

I hope that the alumni will go home to see more, witness the development and changes of their alma mater, and cheer for Chinese medicine together.

Wu Zhixin awarded the flag and plaque to the Korean Alumni Association of our school.




The whole event ended amid the excitement and reluctance of the alumni returning to their alma mater. The alumni expressed their support for the construction and development of their alma mater, and they would often return to their alma mater to have a look.




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