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Chinese Medicine Preparatory Program



1. Project orientation

foreigners who are interested in learning Chinese medicine professional courses, wish to improve their Chinese proficiency and prepare for Chinese medicine professional study or foreigners interested in the culture of Chinese medicine.


2. Main courses and course features:

Project A

Major course:

Autumn class:

Comprehensive Chinese, Introduction to Chinese Medicine in Chinese Medicine (1), Introduction to Tuina Manipulations, Health Sports (1)

Spring class:

Comprehensive Chinese, Introduction to Chinese Medicine for Chinese Medicine (2), Intensive Reading for Introduction to Chinese Medicine for Chinese Medicine, Health Sports (2)

Course features:

Course content: mainly Chinese courses, supplemented by introductory courses related to Chinese medicine.

Curriculum goal: to help students understand the basic knowledge of Chinese medicine culture and professional vocabulary based on improving their Chinese level, improve the reading ability of basic knowledge of Chinese medicine, and lay the foundation for students to enter the undergraduate study.

The course features: After completing the required courses and passing the exam, you can directly enter the undergraduate study of Chinese medicine.


Project B (only spring classes are available)

Main courses: Chinese medicine professional courses, comprehensive Chinese

Course features:

Curriculum content: Mainly based on basic courses for undergraduate Chinese medicine majors, supplemented by Chinese courses.

Curriculum goal: students enter the undergraduate course in advance.

The curriculum features: credits for basic professional courses can be directly recognized as credits for the undergraduate level.


3. Completion and certificate awarding:

Those who have completed the required courses and passed the exam will receive a certificate of completion.


4. Class type:

Independent class


5. Application time:

Suggested application time

A project/B project spring class before March 1, 2021

A project autumn class before September 1, 2021


6. Study time:

Spring semester: March 2021 to June 2021 (The specific time is subject to the "Admission Notice" and "Registration Notes")

Fall semester: September 2021 to December 2021 (The specific time is subject to the "Admission Notice" and "Registration Notes")


7. Entry requirements:

Over 18 years old, under 60 years old

Good health, holding a valid foreign passport

Graduated from high school or above

Another requirement for the autumn class of Project A: New Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Level 3 ≥180 points (except Chinese)

Item B is also required: the new version of the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Level 4 ≥180 points (except for Chinese descent)


8. Charging standard:

Registration fee RMB 450/person

Tuition fee: RMB 11,000 per semester (including textbook fees)

Accommodation fee

(1) Please refer to the "Overview of International Students' Accommodation on Campus in 2020" (Annex 1) (the current standard of accommodation fees is for reference only). The dormitory arrangement at the time of enrollment is coordinated and arranged by the school according to the application of students. If there is any change in the standard of accommodation fees, it will be implemented according to the 2021 standard.

(2) After students apply for off-campus accommodation and the school agrees, students can live off-campus by themselves, and the accommodation costs are at their own expense.


9. Application materials:

Passport homepage (passport must be valid within 6 months from the date of applying)

High school or above graduation certificate and/or A-Level course transcript

Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) certificate (except Chinese)

Screenshot of registration fee payment voucher or website payment

Digital photos:

Filename and file format: Chinese name, jpg format

Image requirements: headless front view; 3.5*5.4 cm; pixels: 626*413

Remarks: Please be sure to use a clear headless frontal registration photo. The photo will be used to make the campus card logo. If it does not meet the standards, it will affect the use of the campus card after enrollment.


10. Instructions for application:

All application materials must be filled in and uploaded accurately according to the requirements of the online application.

The website for online application is Materials that are not specifically required can be uploaded in the "Additional Materials" column.

Please fill in the information of the financial guarantor truthfully. If necessary, the school will notify the applicant to submit the financial guarantee certificate and/or the income certificate of the financial guarantor separately.

The school uses the application material review method to confirm whether the student is admitted. After accepting the application materials, after the school’s admissions team has reviewed and approved, send the "Admission Notice" and "Study Visa Application Form" (JW202 Form or JW201 Form) to the applicant. The application fee will not be refunded due to incomplete application materials, non-admission after the materials are accepted, or the student's voluntarily abandoning admission.

After the applicants are admitted, they must bring the original application materials and original health certificate (physical examination certificate) for verification when they come to the school to register; if they have chronic diseases that are uncertain whether they can be admitted to the school, please confirm with the school before submitting the application materials.

If it is found to be inconsistent with the content of the application materials, the school has the right to cancel the applicant's admission qualification. According to national policy, the school implements a full insurance system for international students. After arriving at the school, students must purchase insurance following the regulations, and the insurance period is half a year each time. Those who fail to pay premiums following the country's regulations in the current year (premiums of RMB 400/half a year in 2019) will not be registered or withdrawn from school. If the registration fee is paid by bank transfer, please indicate the student’s passport name and application number in the remittance postscript; for online transfer, please keep a screenshot of the successful payment and write the student’s passport name and application number on the screenshot; Alipay or WeChat payment methods cannot be used at the application stage.


11. Contact information:

Consultation location:

Admissions Office (Room 230) on the second floor of the School of International Education, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine


No. 1200, Cailin Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong New Area, Shanghai; Post Code: 201203


(86 21) 51322255; Fax: (86 21) 51322285



Bank account information:

Account Name: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Account Bank: Dongan Road Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Bank Address: 520 Wanping South Road, Shanghai 200032

Account number: 1001239109004636961

Wire transfer number: ICBKCNBJSHI

Bank joint number: 102290023910


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