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2020 Outstanding International Students


Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the "2020 Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship Award List". After individual application by students, our school's declaration, and expert selection, a total of 8 international students in our school won the "Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship". Ranked first among Chinese medicine colleges and universities in the country.




The award-winning students came from countries along with the “Belt and Road” such as Malaysia, Iran, Thailand, and Nepal, including 5 undergraduates, 2 master's students, and 1 doctoral student.

They have excellent academic performance, strong learning, and research capabilities, actively participate in school and social practice activities, and have played a certain role in promoting the spread of Chinese excellent traditional culture, public welfare, and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.

Focusing on the goal of building a world-class university of traditional Chinese medicine, our school actively promotes the quality and efficiency of international education and serves the national "Belt and Road" initiative.

The school attaches great importance to the quality of international students, and the training of international students not only follows the law of training Chinese medicine talents but also meets the needs of international students' academic growth.

The school will continue to promote the high-quality development of education for studying abroad in China, promote the reform of talent training model, strengthen the construction of education and teaching content, improve the quality and effect of online teaching, and strive to cultivate more international Chinese medicine talents who know China and are both good and academic.


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