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Training class for directors



To implement the spirit of the National Congress of Chinese Medicine, adhere to traditional essence, honesty, and innovation, promote the pharmaceutical industry of high-quality development, play an important role in the hospital of talents in the discipline construction in Chinese and Western medicine in, the party committee school decided that our school in early April The training class for directors of affiliated hospitals began.

A total of 39 trainees participated in this training course, most of which were high-level talents introduced by various affiliated hospitals in the past five years.

On the morning of April 14, the opening ceremony of the training course was held in meeting room 301 of the administrative center of our school.

Xia Wenfang, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, Minister of Organization Department, and Executive Vice President of the Party School, presided over the meeting. Heads of relevant functional departments of the school and comrades in charge of the Party Committee of the affiliated hospital were invited.

To participate, Zhu Huirong, deputy secretary of the school’s party committee, vice president, and principal of the party school attended the ceremony and gave a mobilization speech for the opening of the class.




In his speech, Zhu Huirong said that in recent years, the state has attached great importance to the work of traditional Chinese medicine and has successively promulgated the "Traditional Chinese Medicine Law".

The "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Promoting the Inheritance and Innovative Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine" and "Several Policies and Measures on Accelerating the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine."

The National Conference on Traditional Chinese Medicine was held, which clarified the policy of implementing equal emphasis on Chinese and Western medicine, promoting the integration of Chinese and Western medicine, and cultivating high-level integrated Chinese and Western medicine talents. Shanghai has always been at the forefront of integrated Chinese and Western medicine.

In 2019, the National Health Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine launched the national major and difficult disease cooperative research pilots of Chinese and Western medicine.

The affiliated hospitals of our school have complementary advantages and strong alliances with Western medicine hospitals with obvious discipline advantages, and a total of 7 items have been included in the pilot.

Especially in the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, the combination of Chinese and Western medicine and the combined use of Chinese and Western medicine provided a Chinese plan for the prevention and control of the new crown, which was highly affirmed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, the Party Central Committee and the State Council.

Therefore, the school's party committee organized a training class for directors of affiliated hospitals to promote better integration and convergence of Chinese and Western medicine, and to better serve the people's health and life safety.

Zhu Huirong put forward three hopes for the trainees in this training class: First, they should not forget their original intentions, keep their mission in mind, and be a guardian of protecting the health of the people.

As the business leader and department manager of the well-known top three Chinese medicine hospitals and integrated Chinese and Western medicine hospitals in the country, he is the mainstay of the hospital's various business developments.

It must be based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, and fully grasp the modern Hospital management methods, comprehensive planning of medical quality and safety of departments, medical ethics, talent training, social and economic benefits, etc.

Adhere to the dominant position of public hospitals, and the public welfare of public hospitals, and earnestly undertake to continue to lead and create disciplines The important task of construction, personnel training and new heights of scientific and technological innovation.

The second is to inherit the essence, maintain the integrity and innovate, and be the "leader" of the integration of Chinese and Western medicine. After moving from the western medical system to the traditional Chinese medicine system, the director of the department should draw strength from the national strategic layout, change concepts.

Actively integrate into the family of traditional Chinese medicine, and give full play to advanced management experience and superb medical technology in promoting the revitalization and development of traditional Chinese medicine. 

Lead the department to continuously improve the medical quality and service level. At the same time, based on the positioning of public hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine and integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine.

We will assume the role of a dialogue person and bridge link between traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, adhere to problem-oriented, patient-centered, and innovate the integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine of "appropriate Chinese medicine and western medicine" Diagnosis and treatment model.

To carry out collaborative research on major and difficult diseases with traditional Chinese and Western medicine.

Focus on the training of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine in departments, form a “mechanical, team, effective, and effective” traditional Chinese and western medicine model, and create a batch of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Clinical disciplines of integrated western medicine.

The third is to work hard for a long time, do good things, and transform the results of learning into thinking and measures for planning and advancing the "14th Five-Year Plan". As an important part of the school’s cadres, the director of the hospital’s department has "high-level skills" as the "hard standard" for cadres in the new era.

It is necessary to enhance learning skills, make efforts to supplement the courses of Chinese medicine, and at the same time strengthen theoretical study, take the study of Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era as the top priority of theoretical study.

Achieve the integration of learning, thinking and application, and unity of knowledge, belief and practice; strengthen reform and innovation The ability to carry forward the spirit of daring to try, to be the first, hard work and ingenuity.

To strengthen scientific development skills, to unswervingly implement the spirit and requirements of public hospital reform, and to promote the high-quality development of Chinese medicine.

To enhance the work of the masses Ability to firmly establish the concept of the people supreme by the masses, keep close contact with the masses, and sincerely serve the masses; it is necessary to improve the awareness of integrity and self-discipline and the ability to resist corruption and degeneration, and to tighten the string of clean practice of medicine at all times.

It is necessary to improve political judgment, political understanding, and politics Executive power, and continuously improve the ability to use the rule of law thinking and the rule of law to carry out work.




This training course is guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, with the in-depth development of party history learning and education as the mainline, and centering on the new requirements for promoting the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine. Eight special counseling reports will be arranged during the one-month training. 

A face-to-face discussion with school leaders, a special visit to party history, a study of Chinese medicine culture, a trip to the red education base to carry out revolutionary traditional education, etc., to achieve the combination of theory and practice, politics, and business.

Independent learning and intensive guidance Combining the combination of special topic learning and daily education, we will strive to promote the improvement of political literacy and professional ability of trainees and cultivate a group of high-level integrated Chinese and Western medicine clinical talents who are politically reliable, capable of work, and strong in style.


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