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International Education College visits students


To let the international students in the school feel the festive atmosphere of the Chinese New Year and enhance their feelings of understanding and friendship with China, Cheng Lin, secretary of the International Exchange and Education Party Branch, deputy dean of the School of International Education, and Lin Xun, dean of the School of International Education.

Teachers from the International Student Department went to the International Student Dormitory on the afternoon of February 4 to visit the international students who stayed on campus during the winter vacation.




This winter vacation, more than 30 international students are staying in our school for the New Year. The college has carefully prepared a new year gift package for the students: a set of New Year's cards incorporating traditional Chinese New Year poems and introduction of New Year customs.

Thanks to the students for their continuous support of the college's work. ; A bag of "Want Want Gifts", I wish the students a prosperous New Year in school; a book of "Renxue Sanmo" and a book of "Talking to the Heart·Ten Lectures of Famous Chinese Medicine Masters", let the students understand While cultivating traditional Chinese culture, he cultivates his own sentiment.

The students responded that although they could not return to their hometown this year, the school's carefully prepared gift packages and blessings made every student staying in school feel particularly warm and moving.

They stated that they will fully support the epidemic prevention and control work following the requirements of the school, cherish the time of studying and strive for early success in learning during the days of overcoming the difficulties with the school.





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