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The library of Shihezi University

The library of Shihezi University was formed in September 1996 by merging the former Shihezi agricultural college, Shihezi Medical College, and Bingtuan Education College. Yifu Library was built in September 1999, and the renovation and expansion of the central library were completed in April 2013. At present, the library has 1 general library, 3 branch libraries, and 20 professional libraries. It has a total area of 52000 square meters, 5066 reading seats, a total collection of 3 million books, and more than 90 kinds of databases.




In May 1979, Shihezi University Library was designated as the collection site of FAO in Xinjiang; In 1995, it was designated as a provincial sci-tech novelty search unit by the state.


1. Location of the Museum

The main library of Shihezi University is located in the Middle District of Shihezi University, Beisan Road, Shihezi City, Xinjiang. Each branch is located in the north, East, and Wujiaqu branches of Shihezi University.


2. Historical evolution

The library of Shihezi University was formed in September 1996 by merging the former Shihezi agricultural college, Shihezi Medical College, and Bingtuan Education College. Yifu Library was built in September 1999, and the renovation and expansion of the central library were completed in April 2013.


3. Collection resources

As of April 2013, there were 8 units and 1 room. It includes the literature cataloging department, circulation reading department, comprehensive work department, information consulting department, technical service department, special collection department, reader service department, literature resources construction department, and administrative office.




It has two sites, three centers, and two member libraries: Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Science and technology novelty search station, National Science and Technology Library and Literature Center (NSTL) Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Service Station, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps intellectual property information center, local patent information service center, University Digital Library International Cooperation Program (CADAL) Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Service Center, Member libraries of CALIS and CASHL.


According to the ten major disciplines of agriculture, medicine, engineering, economics, management, arts, science, law, education, and history and their professional characteristics, the books, and periodicals ordered by Shihezi University basically meet the teaching and scientific research needs of teachers and students in Shihezi University under the principle of ensuring the key points and taking care of the general ones.


The library of Shihezi University has a collection of more than 3 million Chinese and foreign books and periodicals, an annual subscription of more than 3000 Chinese and foreign periodicals and 180 newspapers, and the purchase of more than 40 digital resources such as Wanfang, VIP, CNKI, Springer link, SDOs, and other Chinese and foreign e-books and periodical databases. It has built its own "Xinjiang cotton flower plant protection database" and "Shihezi University dissertation database"; And established data exchange relationship with more than 1000 units in China; There are many precious documents in the museum, such as Sikuquanshu, the handed down collection, and Zhonghua re creation rare edition.


The special collection department of Shihezi University Library was established in March 2011, which is a combination of the original BINGTUAN information library and the ancient books library, adding the resources of Central Asian literature and rare literature. According to the school running orientation of "based on XPCC, serving Xinjiang, facing the whole country and radiating Central Asia", the special collection department takes the historical mission of preserving and inheriting local literature as its responsibility and obligation while serving the University's scientific research.


Since its establishment, the special collection department has done a lot of basic work on the collection, collation, development, utilization, and protection of Xinjiang corps literature, Xinjiang garrison literature, Central Asia literature, and ancient books literature, and positioned the collection characteristics as "corps literature and Central Asia literature as the main, ancient books literature and rare literature as the auxiliary".


4. WeChat public

On March 21, the WeChat public platform of Shihezi University Library was officially launched. Che Zhizhi of Beijing Chaoxing Technology Co., Ltd., Hao Chaohui, Secretary of Shihezi University Library, and more than 200 representatives of teachers and students attended the launching ceremony.




The WeChat public platform of the library is another measure for the library to make use of modern communication technology, optimize information push mode, provide intimate services for readers, and enhance information exchange. Readers can use the WeChat platform to get the latest information about the library through mobile terminals such as mobile phones and tablet computers without going to the library, Build a bridge between the library and readers, expand information exchange, and cultural publicity services.


5. Venue size

The library of Shihezi University is divided into four venues, namely the central main library, the North Branch Library, the East Branch Library, and the Wujiaqu branch library.


There are more than 200 microcomputers in the central library, such as an electronic reading room, multimedia academic lecture hall, and learning commons, with more than 30 servers, and the network storage capacity is up to 130TB. It can provide readers with computer software application training, bibliographic retrieval, information inquiry, online roaming, video on demand, large-scale database retrieval at home and abroad, scientific and technological novelty retrieval, document delivery, interlibrary loan, and other services.


6. Social honor

Li Lanqing, former Vice Premier of the State Council, Chen Zhili, Minister of education, and other leaders visited Shihezi University and fully affirmed the construction of the library. Peking University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Iwate University of Japan visited our library and signed an academic exchange agreement, which laid a solid foundation for the future foreign exchange and cooperation of Shihezi University Library.




All staff of the library are determined to study the spirit of the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, continue to deepen the reform, implement scientific management, give full play to the characteristics and advantages of XPCC, build a first-class Library in Northwest Universities, strengthen the construction of the digital library, carry out information service, cultivate high-tech talents, and make new contributions to the economic development of XPCC and even northwest China.

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