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Dry and wet sowing technology of cotton



On April 13, a busy scene in the fields of the 53rd Regiment formed a beautiful picture of spring plowing. The people of all ethnic groups planted seeds of hope and longing for a better life. With the high-horsepower planter equipped with Beidou satellite positioning and navigation system planting in the field, it marks the landing of the "Cotton Dry Seeding and Wet Cultivation Technology Research and Demonstration" project at the 53rd Regiment and the Fourth Company of the Third Division, opening up smart agriculture and unmanned operations. Spring sowing new situation of driving operation.


In the past few days, Luo Honghai from Shihezi University, Wang Jun from Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Wang Tangang from the Third Normal Institute of Agricultural Sciences have been busy in the field every day, checking the quality of soil preparation, measuring moisture, debugging machinery, and doing all the preparations before planting. . Farmers were also trained in the areas of land selection, residual film recovery, land leveling, cottonseed preparation, drip irrigation belt flow selection, drip water control, and post-sown management.




The project leader, Luo Honghai, follows up and instructs, strictly controls the locomotive operation speed, the whole service planting schedule and planting quality, on-site training of key technologies such as seeding, dripping, and emergence, emphasizing precautions such as wind-proof film. He said that the team will serve the "dry broadcast and wet broadcast" project throughout the whole process, improve the quality and efficiency of cotton, lead the masses to increase income and become rich, and strive to nurture the results in southern Xinjiang.


The company’s secretary Liu Bo said that he thanked all the experts for coming to Silian to carry out scientific and technological support for agriculture, and for training, guidance, demonstration, and service of cotton "dry sowing and wet production". The company will make full use of the scientific and technological resources of the institute, strengthen learning, strengthen management, and ensure high yield and income.


It is reported that Shihezi University’s "Visit Huiju" task force and company party branch of the Fourth Company of the 53rd Regiment of Shihezi University planned and organized in advance and introduced the "dry sowing and wet out" machine-harvested cotton high-yield cultivation technology. Shihezi University and Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, The Third Division Agricultural Science Research Institute jointly formed a team of science and technology special commissioners, relying on the "Cotton Dry Sowing and Wet Cultivation Technology Research and Demonstration", the Third Division 53 Regiment of the Key Technical Services for High-Efficiency Production of Cotton Harvesting Projects, to carry out 300 acres In the construction of demonstration farms, GPS positioning is used for precise sowing and seedlings emerge with dripping water. The implementation of this project will effectively alleviate the shortage of water resources in southern Xinjiang, realize cost-saving and increase efficiency, and increase the income of cotton farmers.

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