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Shihezi University won 13 awards



On April 21, the first national college teacher teaching innovation competition Xinjiang division final election results were announced. Our school teachers won 2 first prizes, 2-second prizes, 1 third prize, 2 excellent prizes, and won the excellent grassroots level. There were 2 teaching organization awards, 2 teaching activity innovation awards, and 1 teaching academic innovation award. Shihezi University won the Excellent Organization Award.


The goal of this competition is to "implement the foundation, promote professors to the podium, promote smart education, strengthen the learning community, and guide the development of categorized", guided by the "four new" construction concepts, focus on teaching innovation, and make every effort to promote higher education. "Quality revolution" not only requires teachers and teams to teach well, innovative, and fruitful courses, but also requires curriculum reform to effectively solve the "pain points" in teaching, forcing teachers to continuously change their educational and teaching concepts and enhance the application of information technology in classroom teaching. , To form the value pursuit and conscious action of excellent teaching. 466 teachers from 19 universities in Xinjiang signed up for the competition. After the school competition and the preliminary round of the district competition, 40 teachers (teams) were finally selected for the finals. A total of 3 individual (team) first prizes, 9-second prizes, and three There were 12 awards, 16 excellence awards, 9 teaching innovation special awards, 3 excellent grassroots teaching organization awards, and 5 excellent organization awards.


The excellent results of our school’s teachers in the competition fully demonstrated the school’s fruitful achievements in recent years, such as strong connotation, quality improvement, excellent teachers, and educational characteristics, and play an important role as an example and leading role for the school to further promote teaching innovation and create first-class courses.

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