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Library "face-to-face" solicit readers' opinions and suggestions







The university library is the second classroom for cultivating and educating students, and it plays an important role in supporting teaching, research, education, and campus culture construction.

On April 19, 2021, all students from the 13th and 14th Party Branch of the Graduate School of English School of Shanghai International Studies University came to the library to jointly launch the "Check in the Red Exhibition and Taste the Red Classics" branch with the Party branch directly under the library.

Co-construction activities. Under the introduction of the library teacher, the students learned to visit the red document photo exhibition "The Spread of Marxism in China-A Century of Party Building in Documents", and discussed the "Communist Manifesto", "The Origin of Family, Private Ownership, and the Country", "Midnight "These three Marxist-Leninist red classic books exchanged reading insights with the library teacher.

To better improve the quality of various services of the library, and deeply understand the needs of graduate students for the use of the library, taking this co-construction activity as an opportunity, the directly affiliated party branch of the library held a "face-to-face · zero distance between the library and readers" at T106 "——The exchange meeting between the various departments of the library and the graduate students of the School of English.

Teacher Liu Yan, secretary of the Party branch directly under the library, and Mr. Cai Yingchun, executive deputy director, together with representatives of party members from various departments of the library, listened to the students’ suggestions on library resources, space, services, etc., and combined with the library’s recent work arrangements Answer the questions raised by the students.

In terms of space facilities, the students raised the problem of insufficient reading seats in the library, the phenomenon of occupying seats, and the unadjustable brightness of the self-study desk.

At the same time, they hope to set up an area dedicated to reading aloud, increase the number of seminar rooms and the rechargeable location of the self-study area, In addition, to provide more time cleaning and repair services. In the management of books and periodicals.

Some students suggested setting up a special periodical reading area, so that journal articles can be accessed more conveniently, which helps to cultivate the habit of regular postgraduates to pay attention to the publication dynamics of academic journals.

Some students mentioned that the books in the reference reading area on the east side of the first floor are wrong and inconvenient to read. They hope that the library will have a more accurate book positioning and search system, and the bookshelf design will be more humane.

Cai Yingchun listened carefully to the suggestions of the students and responded to them one by one. In response to the problem of insufficient seats and constant seat occupation, the library is currently optimizing the seat reservation system.

The next step will be a trial run on the west side of the first floor, and students’ opinions will also be solicited; regarding the increase in seminar rooms and charging locations, and Reading the problem of light adjustment, the library plans to start the second phase of the space renovation this summer vacation. The space on the first and second floors on the west side will be optimized and upgraded.

The specific space design will fully consider the suggestions of students and try to improve the library as much as possible. The utilization rate of space.

As for the suggestions of students wishing to set up a special periodical reading area and reading area, the library will also investigate the relevant measures of other university libraries, and pay attention to the service function and the utilization efficiency of space resources in the space layout as much as possible At present, the library will open the lobby on the first floor as a morning reading area from 7:30-8:00.

Later, it will consider adding a multi-functional special space and reading pavilion in the space renovation. Regarding the problem of books and periodicals, the library will implement an After portal management, it is easy to find books that can be borrowed.

The library will further standardize the shelves process and do a good job of checking shelves regularly. It is also hoped that students will put the books after reading or unborrowed books on the shelf in the reading room.

The designated area should not be placed randomly. Regarding the inconvenient access to some books on the east side of the first floor, the library will consider adjusting the layout according to the frequency of borrowing books and periodicals during the second phase of the renovation.

In addition, in terms of logistics services, the library will strengthen the connection with the property logistics, and coordinate cleaning and repair matters promptly. Cai Yingchun thanked the students for their suggestions and suggestions for the library and said that in the future, they will continue to strengthen the interaction with teachers and students, and jointly create a harmonious and beautiful campus cultural atmosphere.

Liu Yan summarized the exchange meeting and said that the library exists for teachers and students, and everyone’s opinions and suggestions are the driving force to urge the library to continue its work and improve the level of service support.

I hope that students will continue to pay attention to books in the future. For all work of the library, I often come to the library to read and study, and actively participate in the cultural activities of the library.

The library will continue to improve library management services, continuously improve the construction of the reading and research environment, and create a warm, quiet and elegant book fragrance based on the problems that students care about. Atmosphere, create a position for cultural education and environmental education.


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