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1. What kind of university is Shanghai International Studies University?

Shanghai International Studies University is the first higher foreign language school established after the founding of New China. It is one of the birthplaces of foreign language education in New China. It is directly under the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and jointly established with the Shanghai Municipal People's Government. National key universities of "211" and "World-class Disciplinary Construction Universities".


2. When was Shanghai International Studies University established?

Shanghai International Studies University was founded in December 1949.


3. How many majors does Shanghai International Studies University have?

SISU has a complete talent training system, with 53 undergraduate majors covering 12 undergraduate majors, including 34 language majors and 19 non-language majors.


4. What is the area of Shanghai International Studies University?

Shanghai International Studies University currently has two campuses, covering an area of ​​74.7 hectares (747000 square meters).


5. Where is the address of Shanghai International Studies University?

SISU Hongkou Campus: 550 Dalian West Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, China

SISU Songjiang Campus: 1550 Wenxiang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China


6. What sports facilities does Shanghai International Studies University have?

The sports facilities on the SISU campus are complete and complete, including multiple track and field fields, football fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, baseball (soft) fields, volleyball courts, badminton courts, swimming pools and fitness centers, etc., for the daily life of teachers and students of SISU Use for exercise and sports team training.

There are also many professional sports venues around the campus. For example, the Hongkou Football Stadium opposite the Hongkou campus is China's first professional football stadium and the home stadium of the Shanghai Shenhua Football Club of the Chinese Super League; the Shanghai University Sports Center near the Songjiang campus has standard sizes. The swimming pool, the unique ice hockey rink and the comprehensive sports hall with advanced facilities have become ideal sports venues in Songjiang University Town.


7. How about the traffic near Shanghai International Studies University?

Hongkou Campus

[Rail Transit] Metro Line 3 Hongkou Football Stadium Station or Chifeng Road Station; Metro Line 8 Hongkou Football Stadium Station or Quyang Road Station

[Bus] 21, 51, 52, 70, 79, 100, etc.

Songjiang Campus

[Rail Transit] Songjiang University Town Station of Metro Line 9

[Bus] Songjiang No. 3, Songjiang No. 5, Songjiang No. 9, Songxin Line B, Songmin Line, etc.


8. What kind of transportation can I take inside Shanghai International Studies University?

Shanghai International Studies University has a shuttle bus between Hongkou and Songjiang campuses to provide convenient transportation services for faculty, staff, students and people visiting Shanghai and abroad. The operation cycle of the shuttle bus is arranged according to the school calendar of each semester, and it will be suspended during winter and summer vacations if there are no special circumstances. The school bus has two routes from Hongkou to Songjiang and Songjiang to Hongkou. The waiting point on the Hongkou campus is at the central fountain of the teaching area, and the waiting point on the Songjiang campus is at the east gate of the second teaching building. The journey takes about 1 hour.


9. Where can I go to see a doctor while studying at Shanghai International Studies University?

Hongkou Campus

SISU Medical Care Center

1st Floor of Building 5

+86 (21) 3537 2602

Shanghai First People's Hospital (North Hospital)

100 Haining Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai

+86 (21) 6324 0090

Songjiang Campus

SISU Medical Care Center

Teacher-Student Activity Center 1st Floor

+86 (21) 6770 1241

Shanghai First People's Hospital (South Branch)

1485 Wenxiang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

+86 (21) 6324 0090


10. When can I live in the dormitory of Shanghai International Studies University?

Students can move into the dormitory three days before the report date.

*The front desk of SISU Guest House, SISU Hotel, and Jinjiang Inn are staffed 24 hours a day. If you arrive at night, you can also check-in.


11. What materials do I need to bring to Shanghai International Studies University?

 A valid passport and visa

 Original Admission Letter

 Original copy of visa application form for foreigners studying in China (JW201/JW202 form)

 Tuition (tuition fees need to be paid in cash or a savings card with UnionPay logo)

 Physical examination and blood test results or report (English original) (please provide if any)


12. What kind of luggage do I need to bring to Shanghai International Studies University?

1) Since the scholarship is issued at the end of each month, please prepare at least one month's living expenses by yourself.

2) We recommend that you only bring your most important belongings and pack lightly. You can buy daily necessities in a supermarket in Shanghai.

3) We strongly recommend that you bring posters, photos or souvenirs from your hometown. These souvenirs allow you to feel the atmosphere of your hometown even if you are far away in Shanghai and minimize the impact of foreign culture and the discomfort of being in a foreign country.


13. What is the registration process of Shanghai International Studies University?



The day of registration

Present passport, visa, admission notice and JW201/JW202 form

The day of registration

Take pictures on site

The day of registration

Get insurance card

The day of registration

Receive student card and Schedule form

Within 1-2 weeks of registration

Orientation for International Students

Within 1-2 weeks of registration

Apply for a campus card

Within 1-2 weeks of registration

Take the placement test

Within 1-2 weeks of registration

Physical examination, visa application

Within 1-2 weeks of registration

Report to the department


14. If I am admitted to Shanghai International Studies University, can I live off-campus?

Yes, students who want to live off-campus can inquire about renting a house through a real estate agency. Scholarship students need to submit an off-campus accommodation application to the International Students Office before they can receive the accommodation subsidy.


15. How to arrive at Shanghai International Studies University?

After arriving at Pudong International Airport, you can also take Metro Line 2 to People's Square, and then transfer to Metro Line 8 to Hongkou Football Stadium. Students who arrive at SISU Hotel can get off at Chifeng Road Station on Line 3.


16. After arriving at Shanghai International Studies University, how do I register for accommodation?

Scholarship students need to fill in the "Application for Accommodation Off-Campus for Scholarship Students", and they can live off-campus with the approval of the guardian and the Ministry of Foreign Students. Students should go to the police station (or police station) where they live to apply for the Registration Form for Temporary Accommodation for Foreigners with the "Registration Form for Off-campus Accommodation for International Students", passport and rental contract or relevant housing ownership certificate, and please keep this registration form properly. Scholarship students who live off-campus will also receive accommodation subsidies in accordance with the scholarship regulations.

Students who live in SISU Guest House and SISU Hotel can apply for the Registration Form of Temporary Accommodation for Foreigners at the service counter. Students living in the Songjiang Student Apartment can go to the University Town Police Station (560 Wenhui Road) to apply for the Registration Form for Temporary Accommodation for Foreigners.

*According to regulations, international students must go to the police station (or police station) to complete the registration procedures within 24 hours after arriving at the place of accommodation. Those who fail to register within the time limit will be punished by the local police station or police station according to the standard of 100 yuan per day overdue, up to 1,000 yuan.


17. Do I have to purchase insurance to study at Shanghai International Studies University?

Students who have won the Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship (excluding four weeks), and Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship can receive their insurance card at the registration desk on the day of registration without paying insurance fees.


18. Do I have to take a physical exam to study at Shanghai International Studies University?

Students entering the country with an X1 visa must change to a residence permit for study and require a physical examination. Students can choose to have a physical examination in their home country before coming to China or go to a designated department for a physical examination after arriving in Shanghai.

Students undergoing medical examinations abroad must bring the original overseas medical examination records in Chinese or English to the Shanghai International Travel Health Care Center for verification. Those who pass the verification shall be issued by the Health Center the "Verification Certificate of Physical Examination Record of Foreign Personnel". If it does not meet the requirements, supplementary inspections or a new health inspection must be performed. After passing the inspection, the health center will issue a "Verification Certificate of Physical Examination Records of Foreign Personnel".

Students who choose to have a physical examination in Shanghai can wait for the school to arrange a physical examination after school starts.


19. If I miss the unified physical examination arranged by Shanghai International Studies University, what should I do?

If you are unable to participate in the centralized verification and physical examination arranged by the school, you need to log in to to make an appointment by yourself.

1) Online appointment

Applicants log on to, click on the "checkup report query and appointment for medical checkup" on the homepage to enter the login interface; unregistered users must register first, and pay attention to the "certificate number" must come to our center The ID numbers submitted during the physical examination are the same, otherwise the user will not be able to check the results from the Internet after the physical examination; after logging in, follow the prompts to complete the appointment.

2) Bring the following materials to the Shanghai International Travel Healthcare Center (No. 15, Jinbang Road, Shanghai, Shanghai Zoo Station, Metro Line 10) at the appointed time

 Your passport and a copy;

 The original physical examination form and blood test report;

 Student ID or Admission Notice and one copy;

 3 two-inch photos;

 600 RMB (spare)


20. What is the purpose of the campus card of Shanghai International Studies University?

The campus card can be used in libraries and canteens.

Students who need to apply for a campus card can apply at the 109 Office of Building 1 with their passport and student card. The cost is 20 yuan.

Processing time: Monday to Friday 9:00-12:30, 14:00-16:30


21. How much is the Chinese language program of Shanghai International Studies University?



One semester

10,000 Yuan

First grade

20000 yuan

A month

3700 yuan

Two months

6000 yuan

Three months

7600 yuan


22. How to pay tuition fees to Shanghai International Studies University?

It is recommended to pay through the online application process. If you cannot complete the online payment, you can use the following methods:

1) Bank transfer


Shanghai International Studies University (Shanghai International Studies University)

Bank account number (A/C):

International: (022744) 1001274409026402334

Domestic: 9558851001005721887

Account Bank:

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shanghai SISU Sub-branch

Bank code (swift code):


Bank address:

566 Dalian West Road, Shanghai, China

★If you use a bank wire transfer, please indicate the name of the student.

★Regardless of whether you are admitted or not, the registration fee is non-refundable.

2) RMB cash payment

School Finance Office (Hongkou Campus) Working Hours:

Working days Monday to Thursday 8:30-10:30/13:30-15:00

Friday 8:30-10:30


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