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The faculty and staff listened to the red story

Time: 2021-04-27




On April 23, under the unified arrangement of the school union, the labor union of the Guoguan College organized the faculty and staff of the college to go to Xuhui District to find the Hengfu historical scene area, relive the red memory, and listen to the red story under the plane tree.


Everyone visited the former residence of Soong Ching Ling, the former residence of Ke Ling, and the former residence of Ba Jin, as well as the Hengfu Style Museum and Wukang Building, which carry Shanghai's red memory and century-old humanities.


This outdoor red trip to the red base made everyone truly feel the glorious history and development achievements of the party's centuries, which once again baptized all party members and comrades, once again sublimated the party spirit, and further enhanced the sense of responsibility.


Everyone expressed that they would remember the history, work hard in the future, and make their due contributions to the school's double-class construction.


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