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Ph.D. student application


1. Professional Directory

1) Cross-discipline of national and regional studies, cross-discipline of language data science and application, English language and literature, Russian language and literature, French language and literature, German language and literature, Japanese language and literature, Arabic language and literature, Asian-African language, and literature, foreign languages Studies and Applied Linguistics, Language Policy and Language Education, Translation Studies.

Chinese International Education, Comparative Literature and Intercultural Studies, Global Communication, International Relations, Political Theory, International Politics, Diplomacy, Middle East Studies, China Studies, Comparative Politics And the regional country, business administration.


2) Ph.D. taught in English: China Studies, Global Communication

★ For details, please see "Shanghai International Studies University Annual Doctoral Graduate Admissions Program Catalog", website


2. Registration and school system

The registration deadline is May 15th each year, and the school starts in September. The school system is as follows:

The school system is 4 years, full-time.


3. Eligibility for application

Doctor (taught in Chinese) with a master’s degree or above, a master’s degree or above, in good health, a reliable financial guarantee and guardian, Chinese HSK level 5 (180 points) or above, or a one-year Chinese learning experience certificate, and a professional English level Foreigners who study requirements.

Ph.D. (English-taught) Foreigners who have a master's degree or above, have a master's degree or above, are in good health, have reliable financial guarantees and guardians, and whose English level meets the requirements of professional learning.

Starting from September 2021, it is not allowed to study degree courses in other universities in China at the same time.

If you have ever studied or lived in China, you must not have any records of violations of laws and disciplines.


4. Entrance Examination

Entrance exams include written and oral exams, and are held from late March to early June each year. The specific time and arrangement will be notified by the Graduate School of the school by email.


5. Application materials

The application steps are as follows:

1) Contact the tutor to get the acceptance letter.

2) Fill out the application form online at the admissions.

website (

3) Graduation certificate, transcript (original or notarized, should be in Chinese or English), fresh graduates can provide the original proof of expected graduation.

4) Copy of HSK certificate.

5) Copy of passport.

6) Personal statement. About 1000 words, written in Chinese or the corresponding foreign language of the applied major. The content should include personal study, work experience, academic research results, study, and research plans, etc.

7) List of published papers, abstracts, and other materials that can prove their research ability.

8) Two recommendation letters from professors (Chinese or English)

9) Online payment of the registration fee of 800 yuan (or 130 US dollars for overseas remittances, upload the payment voucher).

★ When necessary, our school will require applicants to submit specified supplementary materials.

★The above materials and fees will not be refunded after submission or payment.


6. Expense Standard (Priced in RMB)




28,000 yuan/year


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