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"ATM" smart certificate cabinet was officially put into use

April 29, 2021

To further improve the accuracy of locating and storing the notarized licenses and the informatization management of the school's faculty and staff, the International Cooperation and Exchange Office has introduced a smart certificate cabinet.

The faculty can realize the self-service pickup and warehousing of personal notarized licenses, which greatly reduces Other objective factors that have limited influence on this.




Based on the "ATM" service concept of notarization, the smart certificate cabinet can provide 24-hour uninterrupted service. Faculty and staff can use the second-generation ID card and according to their own suitable time arrangements to self-collect the notarized license from the smart license cabinet for the execution of the mission.

After the mission, they can also complete the management of the notarized license as soon as possible according to the work arrangement The first time stipulated will be put into the warehouse with a notarized photo.

In addition, to solve the difficulty of faculty and staff unable to obtain notarized licenses in person due to very special reasons, the service of obtaining licenses and licenses has been simultaneously launched. Through online applications, the agent can obtain certificates by themselves with their ID cards.

After the visit, the smart certificate locker will also send reminders to relevant faculty and staff via text messages or emails to remind them to “deposit” the notarized license into the functional certificate locker as soon as possible.

As a typical window service department, it has always been the mission of the Exit-Entry Management Service Center of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office to provide efficient, thoughtful, and warm services to the school's faculty, medical staff, and students.

As the first university in the country to seamlessly integrate foreign affairs management system and license management, Shanghai Jiaotong University has taken the lead in solving one of the immediate issues that Chinese and foreign faculty, staff, and students are concerned about, which has reference significance for improving the quality and efficiency of foreign affairs management in domestic universities.




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