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Fifth "Global University Overseas Education Exhibition"

December 16, 2020


Gather in the cloud to survey the world's prestigious schools, teacher-student exchange planning, and growth blueprint. In 2020, the 5th "Global University Overseas Education Exhibition" of Shanghai Jiao Tong University was held on December 8-10, attracting more than 30 well-known universities from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, Singapore, and other countries and regions, Shanghai Jiao Tong University More than 3,000 students participated in online communication and interaction.

The "Global University Overseas Education Exhibition" is hosted by the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, to gather resources from prestigious universities around the world, providing students with overseas study information, and building exchanges and cooperation platforms for schools and departments.

It has been held for five sessions so far. During the education exhibition, Ma Wei, deputy director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office and director of the International Student Development Center, gave a lecture on the topic of "How students choose overseas study projects under the new situation" for Jiao Tong University students.








In the three-day education exhibition, a variety of overseas study project presentations, experience sharing sessions, theme lectures, and exchange workshops were arranged, aiming to encourage more students from Jiao Tong University to broaden their horizons through rich content and differently focused activities.

Enriched experience and plan a more brilliant blueprint for the study journey. During the event, the school arranged 34 overseas college project presentations through video conferences.

In previous years, the student's Li Yulu and Liang Yuwei who participated in overseas study projects shared their experiences with students in terms of overseas study adaptability and course selection.




In the theme lecture, Ma Wei talked about the historical changes from modern to modern overseas exchanges. Combined with his own study abroad experience, he explained to the students the importance and necessity of overseas exchanges, allowing them to think about the impact of overseas exchanges on themselves. Future development and its significance to the country and society.

In the global university international education exchange workshop, Guo Liang, deputy director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, first expressed her gratitude to the participating institutions in the welcome speech.

She hoped that this online education exhibition could provide a good experience for teachers and students. Exchange platform to promote cooperation and exchanges between major universities.

Heads of international student affairs from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Paris Institute of Technology, Ghent University, Stuttgart University, Warwick University, and other universities made keynote speeches respectively, sharing the admissions, online course teaching, and distance overseas of international students under the influence of the epidemic.

Active exploration and thinking made in learning project development and other aspects. The participating teachers had an in-depth exchange.

The Shanghai Jiao Tong University Global University Overseas Education Exhibition has established a platform for exchanges and interactions to promote in-depth student visits, broaden students' international horizons, enhance exchanges and cooperation between the school and global universities in talent training, and promote the school's "double first-class" construction.


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