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American College Student Mathematical Contest

April 29, 2021


China Science News·ScienceNet reported recently that the results of the 37th American International College Students Mathematical Contest in Modeling and Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling were announced.

Among the 36 MCM and ICM special awards worldwide, the student team of Shanghai Jiaotong University won 5 special awards. It was nominated for 27 special prizes; it also won 66 first prizes and 112-second prizes in MCM and ICM. It was the university that won the most special prizes among the global participating teams this year.

Among the 5 Shanghai Jiao Tong University student teams that have won the MCM and ICM special awards, one team won the Special Award of the American Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics and the Special Scholarship Award of the American Federation of Mathematics and Its Application, and 2 teams won the Operational Research and Management Science Special Award of the Research Association.

This is the first time that Shanghai Jiaotong University has won the SIAM Award. This award won no more than two teams worldwide each year and is considered one of the highest awards in the mathematical modeling competition.

This year, Shanghai Jiaotong University has also become the university that has won the largest number of special awards in the 37-year history of Medicaid.

MCM started in 1985 and ICM started in 2000. It is sponsored by the American Federation of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics and has received strong support from many organizations such as the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, the National Security Agency, the Association for Operations Research and Management Science Research.

Since it was held in 1985, there have been 37 MCM and 23 ICM, attracting more than 1,000 universities from more than 20 countries around the world to participate, and it is the originator of various modeling competitions today.

The American International College Student Mathematical Modeling Contest has a total of 6 questions, MCM has 3 questions, A is continuous, B is discrete, C is data, ICM has 3 questions, and D is operations research and network Science, question E is environmental science, question F is policy. The special prizes were selected from 26,112 teams from 15 countries and regions participating in MCM and 16 countries and regions participating in ICM.

It is reported that Shanghai Jiaotong University has achieved excellent results in MCM and ICM for many years. The school focuses on the fundamental task of Lide to cultivate people and the concept of "four in one" education, give full play to the important role of university students' scientific and technological innovation activities in talent training and attach importance to training Students' mathematical and logical thinking enhances students’ innovative and practical ability and makes the competition glow with greater and newer educational value.


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