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2020 International Student Career Guidance Online Presentation

December 21, 2020


On December 16, 2020, Shanghai Jiaotong University held an online presentation on employment guidance for international students. The seminar was jointly organized and organized by the Student Employment Service and Career Development Center and the International Student Development Center.

There were nearly 120 international degree students from 38 countries including Pakistan, Malaysia, Japan, the United States, South Korea, Germany, Brazil, Canada, the Netherlands, and Zambia. participate.




With the continuous improvement of China's comprehensive national strength and the deepening of economic globalization, the demand for international talents is increasing.

At the same time, China's good market environment, high-tech, financial and trade, and other fields have also attracted many international students who know China and hope to continue their careers in China.






At the presentation, Chao Ruiqi, deputy director of the Student Employment Service and Career Development Center, and Ma Wei, deputy director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office (director of the International Student Development Center), delivered speeches.

In recent years, the scale of the school’s international students has continued to expand, and the quality of the students has continued to improve. Many students have developed a Chinese complex after living and studying here for a few years. They have also been attracted by China’s development opportunities. China-related business.

To meet the needs of the vast number of international students, and also in line with the country’s opening policy for international students’ domestic employment, the Student Employment Service and Career Development Center, the International Student Development Center specially organized this seminar to provide international students with employment policies and career planning. Provide relevant analysis and guidance to broaden the ideas and channels for students to apply for a job after graduation.




The presentation invited Ma Minxiao, a police officer from the Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau, to provide international students with an authoritative interpretation of the conditions, procedures, precautions, and other relevant policies for foreigners working in China that they are most concerned about.




Liu Sijing, a senior international talent career consultant, provided students with a comprehensive analysis of job-hunting and employment-related issues from the 2020 China industry trends, salary reports, future employment opportunities for Chinese companies, preparations to be made before graduation, and relevant ways to apply for jobs in China.




Two alumni KIAN KOK CHEW from the School of Economics and Management and EVIN YU-FO LU from the School of Media and Communication has successfully established the education enterprise "Mr. Finance" in Shanghai.

At the seminar, they used "trial and error" and "Training" as the topic, I shared my entrepreneurial process and experience with the students, and the students very down-to-earth.




"Bytedance" Overseas Campus Recruitment Manager Wang Mengyuan introduces what capabilities companies expect international talents to possess




"New Oriental" English Learning Department Teaching Director Jiang Zhijun gave a detailed explanation on the recruitment of international students.


There was also an enterprise direct link at the presentation site. The employment center of the school specially invited HR from two well-known companies, “ByteDance” and “New Oriental”, to analyze the demand for international talents from the perspective of employers, and bring them to the students. Wonderful presentation.

In the online Q&A interactive session, the questions of international students were particularly enthusiastic, and the speakers also gave detailed answers. Although this presentation is not long, the information provided is detailed and rich, and it has solved many practical problems for the majority of international students.

It has won unanimous praise from participating teachers and students. I hope that the school will hold more activities of this kind in the future. International students have a strong demand for employment in China and need correct guidance.

The Student Employment Service and Career Development Center and the International Student Development Center will continue to accumulate experience and cooperate with relevant departments and colleges of the school to organize a series of more abundant and efficient employment guidance activities to better help international students understand the Chinese job market and provide them with an effective way to expand their careers in China.


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