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Since September 2015, Shaanxi Normal University has established a special accommodation scholarship for international students, which is fully open to new and old students, with a maximum drop of 32%!

The application conditions and dormitory introduction are as follows:


(1) Application conditions:

1. Freshmen who started studying at Shaanxi Normal University in September 2015;

2. International students who continued to study at Shaanxi Normal University in September 2015 and passed the attendance of the previous semester;

3. Only stay in No. 1 International Student Apartment (new & old).





(2) Qixiayuan Hotel:

Accommodation conditions: The rooms are equipped with closed-circuit circuits, network interfaces, air conditioning and heating (in winter), and hot water baths are provided.


1. 120 yuan/day•room within 1 month

2. RMB 100/day•room within 6 months

3. 80 yuan/day•room for more than 6 months


(3) Matters needing attention:

1. The accommodation fee must be paid at the beginning of each month. If you wish, you can also pay for a longer period of time.

2. Scholarship students with accommodation subsidies should make up the difference in accommodation according to the amount of scholarship accommodation subsidy and the accommodation introduction letter from the International Student Management Office.

3. Co-living international students will pay the room fee according to the length of time each of them lives. If two people live for the same time, each person will bear half of the cost. If one person checks out early, the person who has not checked out can choose to share with other students or choose to pay the full price for a single stay if there are enough rooms in the hotel.

4. If an international student moves out within seven days of check-in, the room rate must be paid at the retail rate of 240 days/day/room.

5. International students who check out before the time booked have not enough accommodation, must pay the difference by the above-mentioned housing charges for international students.

6. Students are required to pay a deposit of RMB 2,400 in addition to the monthly room fee before moving in, which is refundable when checking out.

7. The room rate contains water and electricity.

8. The room rate does not include breakfast.

9. The room rate does not include local calls and domestic long-distance calls.

Note: The room rate deposit slip must be kept properly and must be used during checkout.



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