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Chinese Language Undergraduate Program 

1. Project introduction

The Chinese language major is an undergraduate major specially set up for foreign students, with a 4-year schooling period. The goal is to cultivate comprehensive and applied Chinese talents who have a systematic grasp of the basic theories and basic knowledge of Chinese, have solid Chinese language ability and cross-cultural communication skills, are familiar with China's national conditions and cultural background, have an international perspective, and adapt to the needs of the modern international society. After students have completed listening, speaking, reading, writing and other Chinese language skills courses in the first and second grades of undergraduates, they choose to study Chinese literature, business Chinese and other professional courses according to their hobbies and individual development needs. After completing the undergraduate course of Chinese language major, obtaining the required credits, and passing the dissertation, you can obtain the undergraduate diploma and bachelor degree certificate of Chinese language major.


2. Eligibility for application

2.1 Non-Chinese citizens holding a valid foreign passport;

2.2 18-50 years old, healthy body and mind;

2.3 High school graduation or above;

2.4 Language requirements: Applicants must pass HSK 4 with a score of 180 or more before entering the school.


3. Application procedure

To apply online, log in to the online registration system for international students of Shaanxi Normal University ( ), fill in the content, and upload the required materials.

Registration materials to be uploaded:

● High school graduation documents (new graduates can provide the expected graduation certificate first), which must be original or notarized copies in Chinese or English;

● All courses and transcripts of high school must be original or notarized copies in Chinese or English;

● Scanned copy of passport;

● Passport photo.


4. Application time

From April 20th to June 20th every year.


5. Professional catalog

Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature (Business Chinese).


6. Scholarship

You can apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship-Country Bilateral Program through the embassy. For details, please refer to the relevant information about the Chinese Government Scholarship National Bilateral Program.


7. Enrollment time

At the beginning of September each year, the specific time is subject to the "Admission Notice".


8. Various expenses

Tuition fee: RMB 9,000 per semester, RMB 16,500 per academic year

Registration fee: RMB 400


9. Medical insurance

The Ministry of Education of China stipulates that international students in China must purchase medical insurance in Mainland China. Students can purchase medical insurance provided by Ping An Insurance Company of China at the registration desk on the day of registration. 400 yuan per semester, 800 yuan for the whole year. For those who have not purchased the required medical insurance, the school will not go through the registration procedures.


10. Accommodation

For details, please refer to the accommodation information page:


11. Contact Information 

Mailing address: International Student Management Office, International School of Chinese Studies, Shaanxi Normal University, No. 199, Chang'an South Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province

Postal Code: 710062


Telephone: (86-29)-85303761

Fax: (86-10)-85303653


Undergraduate Admissions Office Consulting Tel: (86-10)-85310330

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