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Hold special talent training seminar

To thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and General Secretary Xi Jinping's overall national security outlook, and to standardize the training of high-level talents in the special plan of our school's overall national security outlook, on the afternoon of April 27, the working seminar on the special plan for high-level talent training was held in Chang'an. The first meeting room of the school administration building of the campus was held. Vice President Yang Zupei attended the meeting.




At the meeting, Ma Ruiying, executive director of the National Security Education Research Institute, interpreted the state’s latest policy spirit on the comprehensive implementation of the overall national security outlook, and introduced the achievements and difficulties faced by our school in the training of high-level talents with the overall national security outlook. . Doctoral tutors of related majors discussed and exchanged views on key and difficult issues in the cultivation of high-level talents under the influence of the epidemic.


Chen Xinbing, Dean of the Graduate School, said that the Graduate School will guarantee the training of our school's national security talents from various aspects such as system construction, resource allocation, and funding investment, and cultivate a group of academic literacy and practical experience with "overall national security outlook" for the country The high-level talents are urgently needed.


Yang Zupei put forward four suggestions in his concluding speech. The first is to strengthen the process management and service for the graduate students in the special program. The second is to plan the construction goals of the national security special plan in the future. Adhere to the idea of interdisciplinary construction, adopt a diversified teaching method combining online and offline, build a new subject system, curriculum structure, and research field, and cultivate high-level talents that meet the needs of the country. The third is to make overall plans for the major achievements of national security studies, and promptly develop relevant teaching materials for national security concept education, to prepare for the application for the first-level discipline of national security. The fourth is to rationally allocate and make full use of educational resources according to the professional characteristics of the graduate students in the special plan, establish a collaborative training mechanism, and actively explore the new situation of our school's high-level talent training career, and promote the construction and development of the "national security" discipline with Chinese characteristics. The development provides effective services for the needs of major national strategies and major practical issues.

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