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Opening ceremony of the Museum

On the morning of May 7, our school held the opening ceremony of the Red Candle School History Museum on the Chang'an campus. Xi’an Education Bureau Party Committee Member and Education Governor Wang Xiaohu, School Party Committee Secretary Li Zhongjun, Principal You Xuqun, School Party Committee Deputy Secretary Lu Shengli and Wang Yongan, Party Committee Standing Committee Members Ma Xiaoyun and Li Guiana, each secondary party committee (party branch) secretary, each college, Teaching Center, Research Institute) Dean, principals in charge of various departments, representatives of archive donors, representatives of alumni, and some teachers and students attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Vice President Dang Huaixing.




You Xuqun delivered a speech, expressing gratitude to all units and individuals who cared about, supported, and participated in the construction of the Red Candle School History Museum. He pointed out that since the school was founded in 1944, after 77 years of hard work, there have been many touching stories of "Western Red Candle, Two Generations of Teachers", showing our school's patriotic struggle with the same destiny and pace with the nation. Footprint. On the occasion of welcoming the centenary of the founding of the party and deepening the study and education of party history, the opening of the Red Candle School History Museum is of great significance. He hopes that all teachers of the National Normal University will remember their original aspirations in the history of the Party, take up their mission in the history of the Ming school, inherit the red gene, carry forward the fine traditions, forge ahead, and contribute to the accelerated development of high-quality development of the school during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.


Professor Liu Shengliang from the School of Liberal Arts, the student representative Yang Fuchang, the undergraduate student of the School of History and Culture, the archival donor representative Professor Wang Guojie, and the alumni representative Xi’an Middle School Principal Zhang Keqiang spoke successively. Wang Xiaohu expressed his warm congratulations on the opening of the Red Candle School History Museum.


Lu Shengli issued a donation certificate to the representative of archive donors, and Wang Yongan issued a letter of appointment to the representative of the school history museum volunteer interpreter.


Finally, Li Zhongjun and You Xuqun together with Wang Xiaohu and Zhang Keqiang unveiled the Red Candle School History Museum.


Introduction to the History Museum of Red Candle School: The History Museum of Red Candle School focuses on the excellent cultural heritage and historical development from the beginning of the school’s establishment from 1944 to 2018. It is divided into four parts: the preface hall, the history hall, the alumni hall, and the tail hall. . It is divided into four chapters: Saving the country and founding a school (1944-1949); founding and merging schools, exploring and advancing (1949-1977); rejuvenating the country, reforming and innovating (1978-2004); strengthening the country and establishing a school, carrying forward the past (2005). It shows the changes and important milestones in party building, teaching and research, discipline construction, and campus culture in each historical stage of our school. It records the extensive academic influence of the older generation of educators who inherited the teachings and rigorous scholarship, as well as the noble personality power of dedication, teaching, and educating people in teaching posts, and contains the story of serving western education and revitalizing the national education cause.

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