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International students attend Youth Conference

On the evening of November 21, the countdown to the first anniversary of the 2021 Asian Youth Games in Shantou was held in the Great Hall of the Lin Baixin International Convention and Exhibition Center in Shantou. Representatives of overseas students from Shantou University were also invited to participate in this event.


The theme of this event is "Along with the Asian Youth, Youth Together", through a series of activities to spread the Chinese style, show the world's mind, and highlight the characteristics of youth. In the performance of "A Dream of Asian Youth", a blessing video recorded by our school’s foreign students in China appeared on the big screen. In the video, Kadi from Turkmenistan sent blessings to Shantou in Chinese and cheered for Yaqing.


At the end of the activity, 9 international students from our school and famous singer Sun Nan sang the song "There is Sunshine and Dream". They incorporated their infinite expectations for the Asian Youth League into the singing. The students waved the auspiciousness of the Asian Youth League. The character "Golden Phoenix Baby" cheered in unison with all the actors and sent out a sincere invitation to Asia and the world together. The whole performance was brought to a successful conclusion in the singing.


It is understood that in order to participate in this event, the international students from our school used their spare time to record a blessing video for the event and participated in rehearsals at the Lin Baixin International Convention and Exhibition Center many times. In the rehearsal, they overcome language difficulties and complete various performance tasks with full enthusiasm and a responsible attitude.


After the event, the international students in China collectively accepted an interview with Shantou TV. Facing the camera, they shouted "Come on! Shantou" and wished the Asian Youth League a success.



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