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Night tour scenic spot

Under the leadership of Mr. Wang Jing from the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, the international teachers, students, and their families first came to the Lao Ma Palace stage in the small park scenic area and watched the Huimin Chaozhou opera performance "Impression of Theatre Pavilion · Spring Warm in Shantou", and went on stage after the performance. Actively interact with actors and share the joy and blessings brought to people by Chaozhou opera. Some international teachers, students, and family members watched Chaozhou opera for the first time since they came to Shantou. They all expressed their appreciation for the superb performances of the actors on stage and hoped that they could learn more and promote the fine traditional culture of Chaoshan so that Shantou can shine on the stage of the country and the world.


Later, international teachers, students, and their families visited various scenic spots in the small park scenic spot on foot. On the third night of the Lunar New Year, the scenic spot was full of tourists, and the surrounding shops shouted one after another, echoing traditional or modern neon lights shining in the city. International teachers, students, and their families wandered around with happy smiles on their faces. At the moment of this trip to a foreign country, they seemed to have returned to their hometown, to their happy home, and to the warm embrace of their loved ones.


This event is another New Year's heart-warming activity organized by the International Exchange and Cooperation Office for international teachers and students after the Spring Festival theme cultural exchange activities of "Asian Youth send blessings and welcome the Chinese New Year". It is hoped that through these activities, international teachers and students will increase their understanding and love of Chinese culture and become an envoy of friendly exchanges between China and foreign countries.



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