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The canteen management meeting was held

To further strengthen the management of school canteens, promote the improvement of the overall standard of food safety management, effectively guarantee the food safety and health of teachers and students, and improve the quality and efficiency of canteen services, on the morning of May 20th, our school was in the East District of Tiancizhuang Campus. The conference room holds a canteen management work meeting. Jiang Jianming, member of the Standing Committee of the school party committee and vice president, attended and presided over the meeting. The leaders of the Logistics Management Office, the staff of relevant departments, and the heads of 8 companies that are responsible for our school's catering services, and the directors of 20 canteens attended the meeting.



Zhu Jianfeng, deputy director of the Logistics Management Office, reported the development of the canteen-related work since this semester and pointed out the weak links in the canteen management and various problems found in the daily inspection. Jiang Feng, secretary of the Logistics Commission for Discipline Inspection, emphasized the relevant requirements of all parties in the canteen management to perform their duties and perform their duties and to be clean and self-disciplined. Qiu Yushan, Director of the Logistics Management Department, put forward specific work requirements on food hygiene and safety, canteen fire safety, centralized procurement of raw materials, catering service guarantee, canteen assessment and supervision, management of employees, enterprise labor education, canteen garbage sorting, and disposal.


Participants communicated and discussed how to do well in canteen catering services, and put forward constructive opinions such as connecting the enterprise information management system with the school data platform to achieve joint supervision and providing students with personalized nutritious meal matching and meal delivery services. Everyone said that they will actively fulfill the service contract stipulations, implement the school's work requirements, strengthen their own business management capabilities and service levels, and help college students grow up healthily.


Jiang Jianming expressed his gratitude to the employees of various catering companies for their tireless efforts and continuous provision of stable catering services for teachers and students throughout the school over the years. He pointed out that food safety concerns the health and life safety of teachers and students. This year is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party. It is necessary to implement the "four strictest" requirements put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping, improve political positions, adhere to problem orientation, and further enhance the sense of responsibility for the canteen work. , Sense of urgency, improve the canteen governance system, strengthen supervision and management, strengthen the performance of duties, strengthen public welfare, strengthen joint management, and strive to build and build canteens that are satisfactory to teachers and students.



Jiang Jianming emphasized that the life safety and physical health of teachers, students, and staff should be the priority, and the focus should be on food hygiene and safety, canteen fire safety, epidemic prevention and control safety, and employee health and safety; we should adhere to the system first and use the system to standardize the canteen management In all aspects of the service, the student canteen management method and the internal management system of catering enterprises shall be promulgated as soon as possible; the word "strict" shall be adhered to, the "four requirements" shall be effectively implemented in all aspects of food safety work, and the supervision and management of the procurement and acceptance of food materials shall be strengthened. Improve the "seven passes" of the food processing process and increase the frequency of food hygiene and safety inspections; adhere to the principle of public welfare in student canteens, and enterprises should actively fulfill their social responsibilities, and provide teachers and students with safe, healthy, high-quality, affordable, nutritious and healthy, convenient and efficient catering Service; We must adhere to the joint management and comprehensive management, and improve the garbage classification and maintenance of the surrounding environment of the canteen while the environment of the front hall and the rear kitchen of the canteen is improved, to ensure the full implementation of the whole process of the canteen management.



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