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Suzhou University Scholarship

(1) Application conditions:

1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and in good health;

2. Applicants must meet the admission requirements of Soochow University for foreign graduate students, have a bachelor's, master's degree or above and a degree, master applicants must be no more than 35 years old, and doctoral candidates must be no more than 40 years old;

3. If you apply for a Chinese-taught major, your Chinese proficiency must be at least 180 points in the new HSK Level 5; if you apply for an English-taught major, you must meet at least one of the English proficiency requirements: ●TOEFL score ≥ 80; ● IELTS ≥ 6.0; ● Native language English; ●Other certificates of equivalent English proficiency recognized by our school;

4. Those who apply for a master's or doctoral degree are required to participate in the professional course examination or interview of our school, and only those who pass the score can be admitted.


(2) Scholarship content: ( during the academic system )


On-campus accommodation fee

Living allowance

Comprehensive Medical Insurance for International Students in China  


(3) Application time:

As of April 15 ( institution code 10285, select Type B )


(4) Application materials:

1. "Application Form for Foreign Students Admission to Soochow University", "Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship" (both applicants need to sign)

2. A copy of the first page of a valid ordinary passport and the Chinese visa page (if any)

3. Notarized copies of academic certificates and degree certificates of university education and above. If the applicant is a student at school, he must submit a pre-graduation certificate issued by the school he is attending.

4. Notarized transcripts of university education and above

5. No criminal record certificate (within the validity period)

6. Copy of "Foreigner Physical Examination Form" (valid within 6 months)

7. A copy of the Chinese Proficiency Test ( HSK ) transcript or a copy of the English Proficiency Test ( TOEFL or ILETS, etc.) transcript

8. Study and research plan in China (not less than 800 words, in Chinese or English)

9. Two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors (in Chinese or English)

10. Other supporting materials (mentor acceptance letter, award certificate, published papers, etc.)

Note: All paper materials are in Chinese or English, in duplicate. Regardless of whether you are admitted or not, the application materials will not be returned.


(5) Application steps:

1. Complete the online registration for the Chinese Government Scholarship

( ,

Print and sign the "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form"

2. Complete the online registration for international students of Soochow University


Or ) ,

Print and sign "Suzhou University Foreign Student Admission Application Form"

3. Mail the "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form", "Soochow University Foreign Student Admission Application Form" and all application materials (two copies) to the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Soochow University

4. Soochow University conducts pre-admission review and confirms the intention of studying with the pre-admitted students

5. Soochow University will issue admission notice and JW202/201 visa application form for the final admitted students.

Note: Please provide an accurate and valid e-mail address, contact address, and phone number.


(6) Contact information:

No. 1 Shizi Street, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

International Student Management Section, International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Yiyuan Building, Soochow University Headquarters 215006

Phone: 0086-512-67165752


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