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The principal made a special report

On the afternoon of May 12th, the 2021 Soochow University youth management backbone training class will be held in Jingxian Hall on the Tiancizhuang campus. President Xiong Siding made a special report. All students of the youth management backbone training class participated in the study. The report will be hosted by Tang Wenyue, Executive Vice President of the Party School Host.



Principal Xiong Siding took "Why to Be a Cadre" as the topic, starting from three questions: what a cadre is, why he became a cadre, and how to be good care, and shared the qualities and abilities that a good cadre should possess in light of the actual work. He pointed out that cadres cannot be simply understood as waiters, clerks, and orderly soldiers. A cadre is a post and shoulders all kinds of responsibilities at all levels of the school. A cadre means responsibility. It must be responsible and responsible for the land; cadres must have ideals and be full of revolution. Optimistic ideas. He said that in the face of difficulties and temptations of interests, when it is necessary to sacrifice personal interests, it is more able to temper and test cadres. I hope that the trainees will have in-depth discussions and exchanges in the following group discussions. Only by figuring out "why be a cadre" and finding the original aspiration and mission can they devote themselves to the work wholeheartedly and with full enthusiasm.



Regarding how to be a good cadre, President Xiong Siding emphasized that first, we must adhere to the correct political direction, enhance political awareness, and continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, and political execution. The second is to enhance learning initiative, carry out systematic theoretical learning, keep pace with the times, and continuously improve the level of business theory. The third is to take root in front-line practice, conscientiously sum up experience and lessons, humbly learn from advanced models, and continuously improve practical and operational capabilities. Fourth, we must integrate lofty ideals, beliefs, and pursuit of moral quality into our daily work and life, carry forward the spirit of screw, love, and dedication, and make a selfless dedication. The fifth is to maintain a healthy body, face up to difficulties and challenges with a good mental outlook, confidence and determination to do a good job, and contribute to the development of the school’s various undertakings.


After listening to the coaching report of Principal Xiong Siding, the trainees were deeply inspired and inspired. In the interactive session, the trainees actively asked questions about maintaining a good mental outlook, relieving work pressure, improving business management capabilities, and strengthening time management. President Xiong Siding gave wonderful answers one by one based on the actual work of the school or his own work experience.


After the report meeting, the trainees all expressed that they should study and understand the expectations and requirements of Xiong Siding for being good cadres. Combining their own work, taking hard work as the background of life, and continuously promoting the high-quality development of the school through hard work and practice. Our school has contributed to the construction of a high-level research university and a "double first-class".

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