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Opening of "research clinic"

On the afternoon of April 28, the "Scientific Research Clinic" of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University was officially inaugurated. Liu Kaiqiang, deputy director of the Science and Technology Division of the Department of Science and Technology Research, Soochow University, Dai Kesheng, deputy dean of the Tang Zhongying Medical Research Institute of Soochow University, Qian Zhiyuan, deputy dean of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University, and related department directors and scientific researchers attended the opening ceremony. The unveiling ceremony was presided over by Zhang Hong, director of the scientific research department of the hospital.



Qian Zhiyuan expressed in his speech that he hopes to invite experts and professors in various disciplines to provide one-on-one counseling to the hospital’s scientific research personnel through the “Scientific Research Clinic”, to improve the quality of various project declarations, to develop ideas for writing academic papers, and to strengthen scientific research awards. Application, strengthen the patent application and achievement transformation, improve the academic level of scientific research, and consolidate the foundation of scientific research development. It is necessary to carry out the "scientific research clinic" in a regular manner, give full play to the role of "consultation, diagnosis, and guidance", fully implement the purpose of "doing practical things for the masses", consolidate academic exchange platforms, establish a hospital-school joint platform, and promote the integration of basic and clinical practice, To promote the collaborative development of clinical medicine and subject scientific research.


Liu Kaiqiang congratulated the inauguration of the "Scientific Research Clinic" of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University and hoped that the hospital's scientific research staff would improve their ability to condense scientific problems through the "Scientific Research Clinic", strengthen scientific research design and project research, promote organized scientific research, and improve scientific research level.


Di Kesheng fully affirmed the innovation and significance of the "Scientific Research Clinic". He pointed out that the "Scientific Research Clinic" accurately grasps the existing problems of the hospital's scientific research development, finds the crux of the current scientific research work, and finds the correct entry point, which has a good demonstration and guiding value for the development of the hospital's scientific research work.


After the unveiling ceremony, Dai Kesheng provided professional counseling to dozens of scientific research "inquirers" including clinicians, full-time researchers, and graduate students. "suddenly see the light.


This "Scientific Research Clinic" borrowed from the appointment form of the expert clinic. 9 expert numbers were rushed out, and there was a temporary "plus" hot scene on the scene. In the follow-up, the Scientific Research Office will fully investigate the scientific research needs of medical staff, and regularly launch scientific research clinics to meet the "seeing" needs of the vast number of scientific researchers.


It is reported that in addition to this "Scientific Research Clinic", the Second Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University also regularly organizes scientific research salons, monthly special lectures, and a series of academic activities such as the "National Natural Science Expert Clinic" declared and launched by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. , Create a strong scientific research cultural atmosphere. Improve the scientific research level of the hospital through discipline construction, lay a solid foundation for the improvement of clinical practice capabilities, realize the two-wing and coordinated development of scientific research and clinical integration, to improve the core competitiveness of the hospital, promote the development of the hospital with higher quality, and build the hospital into a first-class tertiary hospital in the country, The development vision of a first-class university hospital with distinctive nuclear characteristics, and a highly internationalized clinical research center integrating medical, teaching and research provides strong support.

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