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Holding social practice and cultural experience activities

From October 18th to 19th, the Chinese Government Scholarship Student "Perceive China" theme social experience activity hosted by the China Scholarship Council and undertaken by the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of our school was held in Suzhou. More than 50 international students from more than ten countries including the United States, Italy, Russia, Pakistan, Nigeria, and the Czech Republic have visited Chinese companies and model new rural areas to deeply experience Jiangsu’s modernization and feel the pulse of the development of the new China.



In Jiangxiang Village, Changshu City, the international students visited the Village History Exhibition Hall, listened to the introduction of the village party committee secretary Chang Desheng, and had a cordial exchange with the permanent secretary. Secretary Chang Desheng led the people in the village to work hard, dedicated, and dedicated, so that Jiangxiang Village from the once backward and poor face the realization of a strong village, rich people, and common prosperity, the great changes left a deep impression on the international students. The beautiful scene of the new countryside, the prosperous life of the villagers, and the happy smiles have allowed the international students to fully feel the new socialist countryside with unique characteristics of water villages, and experience the modern new countryside development ideas of "agriculture started, industry developed, and tourism prosperous".



At Longliqi Biological Technology Co., Ltd., international students visited the new intelligent factory, R&D center, and e-commerce shipping area. The Longliqi factory adopts a "transparent" design and has an intelligent and mechanized automatic production line. The international students witnessed the whole process of daily necessities production with their own eyes, expressed a keen interest in the production and efficacy of snake gall and snake oil, and deepened their interest in Chinese national daily chemicals. Enterprise understanding. Nadia from Cameroon said: “The factory here is very large, the environment is clean and tidy, and the technology is very advanced.” Yu Fu from Nigeria expressed even more excitedly, hoping to contribute to Longliqi products going out of China and entering the African market in the future. A piece of strength.


At Wujiang Hengtong Group Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in Suzhou City, the overseas students visited various optical cables and other advanced components produced by the group. Everyone surrounded the platform with unsatisfactory expectations and carefully observed cables of different materials and uses. Upon learning that Hengtong was the supplier of all-optical cables for the China Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo, the international students expressed their surprise and admiration. Hengtong Group’s corporate development history has deepened the international students’ understanding of "Made in China" and even "Intelligent Manufacturing in China" and felt the prosperity and take-off of China's economy.


The "Perceive China" activity is a brand activity launched by the China Scholarship Council for Chinese government scholarship international students in China in 2015. It aims to strengthen international students’ awareness and understanding of outstanding Chinese history and culture and the achievements of reform and opening up and cultivate their knowledgeable friends Hua emotion. In 2018, this social practice and cultural experience activity was included in the overall plan of the education system "stroke pen", creating several brand activities and confirming several experience bases. The theme of this social practice activity is to highlight the development of contemporary China, allowing international students in China to have a deeper understanding of China, Jiangsu, and appreciate the beauty of the natural history and culture of the new socialist countryside with Chinese characteristics, and truly feel the development of China's optoelectronics and communication manufacturing industries. The company's achievements and the latest scientific and technological achievements are to understand the management and operation mode, cultural characteristics, and international cooperation of well-known domestic private enterprises.



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