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Guidelines for university life

1. School calendar arrangement:

The academic year is generally divided into spring and autumn semesters, each semester is about 17-18 weeks. The fall semester is the first semester of the academic year, usually from early September to early January. The spring semester is the second semester, usually from the end of February to the beginning of July. Please refer to the school calendar for specific semester arrangements.

Other important holidays besides winter and summer vacation include:

January 1

New Year's Day

1 day holiday

April 5

Ching Ming Festival

1 day holiday

May 1

Labor day

1 day holiday

In early June

Dragon Boat Festival

1 day holiday

In late September

Mid-Autumn Festival

1 day holiday

October 1

National Day

3 days holiday


2. Payment and refund regulations:

(1) International students with academic qualifications pay the tuition when registering, and if the student status changes due to special reasons thereafter, the tuition for that semester will not be refunded. For long-term advanced students who request a refund due to personal reasons after paying the fee, their registration fee and registration fee will not be refunded.

(2) After long-term advanced students have paid the tuition, if they apply for a refund due to special circumstances, the college will calculate the remaining tuition according to the following standards based on the actual study time of the student and the semester as the unit of calculation. The refund time is calculated based on the date when the student officially submits a written application and completes the refund procedure. Refunds must return the original receipt, otherwise, no refund procedures will be processed.

• If you apply for a refund before the formal start of class, the full tuition fee will be refunded.

• If you apply for a refund within one month (natural month) after the formal start of class, RMB 2500 will be deducted for one month of tuition.

• If you apply for a refund within one to two months, RMB 5,000 will be deducted for two months of tuition. In principle, no refund application will be accepted after two months of class. (The refund standard for students who only take one course shall refer to the standard for long-term scholars)

(3) The special circumstance mentioned in Article 2 refers to the fact that the student himself is seriously ill or has a major change in the student’s family or work and cannot continue to study in a short period of time.

(4) The accommodation fee shall be paid by semester from the day of check-in, and in principle, no refunds will be made


3. Medical services:

There is a school hospital on the east campus of Soochow University. Students can go to the school hospital for medical treatment when they are unwell. For more serious diseases, it is recommended that students go to the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University near the school headquarters.

For students who have received full scholarships from the Chinese government and those who have purchased medical insurance, please notify the International Students Office and insurance companies at a time when they come to the hospital for treatment due to sudden illnesses. The cost of treatment and hospitalization for self-financed students shall be borne by the students themselves.

The following is the address of the main affiliated hospitals in Suzhou:

The First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University, 296 Shizi Street, Tel: 65223637

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University, No. 1055, Sanxiang Road, Tel: 65223691


4. Catering Supermarket

Each campus has 2-3 student canteens. The opening hours are generally:

Breakfast 6:30am8 : 30am ; lunch 10 : 30am13 : 00pm ; dinner 16 : 30pm19 : 00pm.

There is a small supermarket on campus where you can buy simple daily necessities. The supermarket Auchan is only a 15-20 minute walk away from the East Campus, or you can take buses 47, 148, 28, and 120 to get there.


5. Safety instructions :

Suzhou is a relatively safe city, but students still need to pay attention to the following:

(1) Keep your cash and passport properly. When taking public transportation or going to public places, please try not to carry passports, large amounts of cash, or credit cards with you;

(2) When in public places, do not carry your backpack behind your back, and do not talk to strangers. Don't trust any messages and calls from unknown numbers;

(3) If you encounter an ATM failure, please ask the bank staff for help, don't trust anyone who seems to be able to help;

(4) Emergency telephone number:


6. Student clubs:

Every September, each club recruits new members. Posters of their activities will be seen on the bulletin boards at the entrances of the cafeterias. You can participate in different club activities according to your interests and hobbies.

International students who establish a social group on campus must submit a written application and be approved by the school, operate within the scope prescribed by Chinese laws and regulations, and obey the leadership and management of the school.

The International Students Office organizes various cultural and sports activities, visits, and excursions for international students in their spare time. Various faculties and departments also organize various activities. International students are welcome to participate. Please pay close attention to the notices of various faculties and departments and actively participate.

The various stadiums and gymnasiums of the school can be used by international students, and sometimes a certain fee must be paid. When carrying out cultural and sports activities, you should not affect the study and rest of others, and you should also pay attention to taking care of cultural and sports equipment and facilities.


7. Postal service:

There is a post office on the campus that can handle various postal services.

If you live in an on-campus apartment and someone sends you an important mail, the mailroom will send you a mail notice, telling you what it is (such as a letter, package, or remittance, etc.).

If you are sending a registered letter: Please take your valid ID (student ID or passport) directly to the mailroom to pick it up;

If you are sending a package: Please take your valid ID (student ID or passport), first go to the mailroom to pick up the package slip, and then take your ID and packing slip to the designated post office to pick up the package.

If you are sending a remittance: Please take your valid ID (student ID or passport), first go to the mailroom to receive the remittance slip, and then take your ID and parcel slip to the designated post office to collect the remittance.


8. Traffic information

Suzhou subway map:


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