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1. What kind of school is Shanghai University of Sport?

Shanghai University of Sport is one of the earliest sports colleges and universities established in New China. In 2001, it was jointly managed by the State Administration of sports and the Shanghai Municipal People's government. In 2017, it was selected as one of the first batches of "double first-class" universities in China and high-level local universities in Shanghai.


2. When did Shanghai University of Sport establish?

Shanghai University of Sport was founded in 1952.


3. How many campuses does Shanghai University of Sport have?

The school has two campuses: Yangpu and Xuhui


4. How big is Shanghai University of Sport?

The area covers an area of more than 600 mu (about 400000 square meters), and the building area of the school buildings is over 350000 square meters.


5. How many majors are there at Shanghai University of Sport?

There are 23 undergraduate majors; In December 2019, four major, namely sports training, martial arts and traditional national sports, sports rehabilitation, sports economy and management, were approved as the first-class national undergraduate majors. There are four master's degree authorization points in sports, psychology, medical technology and journalism communication, and 3 master's degree authorization points in sports, tourism management, news and communication. It has the authorization point of the doctoral degree of the first-level discipline in sports science, all the second-level disciplines, including sports humanities sociology, sports human science, national traditional sports, sports education and training, etc., and has three second-level discipline doctoral points (sports management, sports engineering, sports rehabilitation).


6. How about the faculty of Shanghai University of Sport?

The school has a strong faculty and has a number of famous scholars, famous coaches and referees, including foreign academicians of the National Academy of Sports Sciences, national experts of middle and young people with outstanding contributions, senior officials of international sports organizations and senior coaches of the national sports team. The school sports health science teachers team was awarded the first batch of "yellow year type teachers team" by the Ministry of Education in 2017. In recent years, the school has won the award of teaching achievements of the state and Shanghai; Over the years, a number of internationally renowned coaches have been trained.


7. What is the accommodation cost of Shanghai University of Sport?

Less than 1 month

1-3 months

More than 3 months

Double room

200 yuan/person/day

100 yuan/person/night

50 yuan/person/night


8. How about the traffic near the Shanghai University of Sport?


The nearest station is Nenjiang Road Station of line 8, about 1 km away from the international students' apartment. The subway system is an important part of the Shanghai public transport system, which connects Shanghai City, Pudong International Airport, Hongkou airport and Shanghai railway station. One-way tickets are sold at each metro station, and it is also possible to use a bus card.     


Bus stops are all over the city. You can choose to get on the bus and buy a ticket or use a bus card.


You can take a taxi back to school anywhere. Remember to take a taxi with the "taxi" sign and pay by the meter in the taxi. To prevent loss of goods and other disputes, please keep the printed invoice for inquiry.           

Every year many students lose their belongings in taxis, so you should pay attention to the items you take with you when you get off, especially valuables, such as passports, wallets, mobile phones, airplane tickets, cameras, etc.


9. How to apply for the language project of Shanghai University of Sport?

Online application


Enter the "online registration entry" at the top right to register personal information as required

Fill in the form online and submit

Pay registration fee of RMB 500 (remittance or on-site payment)


10. What courses are available in the language program of Shanghai University of Sport?

Intensive reading, extensive reading, listening, oral English, Chinese character writing and writing


11. When is the language project study time of Shanghai University of Sport?

February June is spring term every year

Autumn term from September to January of the second year


12. Can I ride an electric car at Shanghai University of Sport?

Don't buy Motorcycles and electric bikes. The recommended transportation means on campus are bicycles, which are economical, environmental and healthy. The school teachers and students also mainly use bicycles as the transportation means in the school, so it is very convenient to purchase and repair them.


13. What are the admission procedures of Shanghai University of Sport?

The new students should hold the admission notice, visa application form for foreign students to China (Form JW201 or JW202) and health certificate one week before the commencement of the school, and wait until the International Education College International Student Office is registered. If the registration cannot be reported on time for any reason, the applicant shall ask for leave from the office of international students in advance, and the vacation shall not exceed one month. If the applicant fails to report for the absence of leave, he/she shall be disqualified from admission.

After the students have entered the school at their own expense, they shall pay all kinds of fees according to the regulations. The payment time shall not exceed two weeks after the commencement of the school and then go to the international students' office for registration with the payment documents. Those who fail to pay the fees within the time limit will be punished according to the regulations on the administration of fees for international students of the International College of education of our university.


14. How to take a leave when studying at Shanghai University of Sport?

If the leave is within one day (including) due to the matter, the application can be made to the counselor; If you ask for leave for more than one day, you need to submit a written application, which shall be transferred to the office of international students by the counselor and will take effect after approval.


15. How to take sick leave when studying at Shanghai University of Sport?

If there is no hospital certificate within one day of rest due to illness, leave may be asked from counselors; If the leave is required for more than one day due to illness, the hospital diagnosis certificate or sick leave note shall be submitted to the international student office by the counselor.


16. Is there any penalty for absenteeism when studying at Shanghai University of Sport?

Those who have not gone through the formalities for leave and are absent from class shall be recorded as absenteeism. Within one semester, if the absenteeism has exceeded one week in total, the school shall be given a warning; If the absenteeism exceeds two weeks in total, the school shall be given a serious warning; If the number of absenteeism hours in a single subject exceeds one-third of the total class hours of the semester, no final examination of the course shall be allowed.


17. How can I get the diploma from Shanghai University of Sport?

If the students who have participated in the examination and obtained three or more scores have passed the examination according to the regulations, the school shall issue the completion certificate after the study. If the school fails to obtain three grades, the school will not issue a certificate of study.

The public fee students must pass the assessment of all courses before they can issue the completion certificate. In addition, the public fee students need to obtain the certificate of HSK level 4 or above before they can enter the academic level.

If the courses and grades are not completed and the students have left the school halfway, the school will only issue a "study certificate" to prove the course and time they have studied.


18. What is the dormitory cost of Shanghai University of Sport?

Students can only stay in overseas student apartments after paying. Students should pay the accommodation fee during the semester accommodation in one time before they enter the apartment [the new students who enter the school shall pay the accommodation fee during the term once within 2 weeks. The standard of accommodation fee: 6500 yuan/person (double room) for the academic students in one semester; No single student is provided temporarily), non-academic students: 6500 yuan/person for one semester with a study time of more than 180 days, paid in one time; If the study time is between 90 days and 180 days, it shall be charged by the day, with 100 yuan/day (single person accommodation), and 80 yuan/day (double person accommodation); If the study time is less than 90 days, it shall be charged by the day, 200 yuan/day (single person accommodation), and 100 yuan/day (double person accommodation).


19. What materials should be submitted for applying for the dormitory of Shanghai University of Sport?

Students need to go through the check-in procedures at the front desk of the apartment with their valid certificate, enrollment notice or the application form for the accommodation of overseas student apartments issued by the International Education College International Students Office.


20. Can I apply for a single dormitory when studying at Shanghai University of Sport?

The overseas student apartment is two rooms. If the students require to stay alone, they shall pay the accommodation fee for two beds at a time. In principle, the Chinese government awards students and students of Shanghai Municipal scholarship a prize that cannot stay alone. If they are required to stay alone, they shall pay one bed at a time.


21. Do I need to move out of the dormitory immediately after graduation from Shanghai University of Sport?

After the stay (such as graduation and lodging), please make room and move personal items out of the room immediately. If students cannot move the items from the room within the specified time, they can only keep them for 5 days at most. If they still do not move, they will be treated as waste items. The school is not responsible for the loss or damage of these items.


22. What procedures should be handled to move away from Shanghai University of Sport?

When checking out, the room should be cleaned, the door card (key) returned and the dormitory administrator checked for no problems before the check-out procedures can be handled.


23. Can I take the off-campus personnel back to the dormitory when studying at Shanghai University of Sport?

Visitors can be received in the dormitory within 8:00-22:00.

The interviewee shall accompany the visitors throughout the course.

Visitors must register at the dormitory management.

Visitors need to sign in when they leave.

No visitors are allowed to stay.


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